new jordans 9 Lakers 97-113 defeat away to the king to stop 3-game winning streak. This is the second game after the coach – Mike D’Antoni took office, but also his 1st taste defeat. From the game, D’Antoni tactical setting questionable, defeated opponents boorish ball wind impact of the Lakers’ offensive system. Just took over the team, D’Antoni seems to be in no hurry engraved his run and gun system, but on the material cooking, Bryant served as the team’s offensive launched point, Gasol meters before the free-throw line, do axis, Artest ambush in the end angle, Howard sits the basket, Morris is responsible for the rapid back on defense, to prevent opponents from playing fast counterattack.
Yesterday’s victory proved, D’Antoni, this tactic is still very fit Lakers practical and very effective idea. However, there is a premise that this tactic must give full play to the power of the basket of Warcraft, and let him get as much as possible the opportunity of easy dunks or layups. So, the opponent can only select contraction line of defense to the outside of the Lakers will be able to get better shots.
Of course, D’Antoni is not useless, he Meeks reuse, the German commander of the problems existing in the Lakers also have a certain depth of understanding and knowledge. In essence, the Lakers’ starting lineup and some overlap 4,5 position offensive resources and waste, and their lack of a stable of pitchers, and Meeks is a choice that can be considered and culture. Before – Mike Brown has not let Meeks decent scenes, but today he played 16 minutes, scored 15 points, this is undoubtedly the great credit of the German commander