There are different things that we celebrate, different occasions for example, and every occasion is important and has their own charm. We cannot specify or choose between these occasions as they mean a lot to us and to the people around them.

Anniversary of any event is celebrated each year on the same date the event occurred except the year on which the event actually occurred. Famous events for anniversary celebrations include birthdays and marriage / wedding anniversary. Anniversaries are one occasion that is awaited the whole year and is celebrated in style. There are a lot of things that are done on anniversaries which declare a person’s love for his/her significant other and these occasions refresh all the good times shared and the tough times endured by them together.

In our day to day life the anniversaries are very important occasions. We plan surprises for these occasions in advance. Some of us arrange various surprise parties by inviting friends or the romantic ones arrange the candlelight dinners. Apart from these surprises and gifts, wishing the close ones on the anniversaries is also a very important in maintaining the warmth in the relationships. If the close one is far away or at a distant place and we cannot wish the person in physical then the greetings take even more importance!

Anniversary is a very huge thing for a couple and it is very normal for them to expect wishes and kind words from people around them and also from each other. In previous times this was not considered something very important but now this is considered normal and important as the expression of feeling theory has been planted in the minds of the people.

These greetings will make the person feel special and shows that even though the close one is not present with you but still he or she is in your thoughts. There can be a no better way than sending the person a hand written greetings. However, in the recent times with the advent of electronic media the art of writing letters and sending cards on various anniversaries is on the decline. Now the people have taken to the instant methods of sending the greetings like sending anniversary SMS for various occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or various family occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

This is also because of the fact that the workload on a single person is so much that he/she finds it very difficult to take out time for anything else. This is the reason people prefer to send text messages via mobile phones or emails through internet as this way is a lot easier for them. People often want to be the one who sends the best message and is appreciated for it so everyone tries to come up with different Anniversary SMS, they also avail the help of the internet as a lot of websites have introduced readymade text messages for people who love to text. These are most of the time the text message that describes your thoughts exactly. Anniversary quotes are also available on the internet and can be used in the text message or email that you are sending. These quotes are really nice and are found very easily so they can be pretty useful to the messenger. Also Anniversary wishes are available on the internet for people who have a difficult time in putting their thoughts in words. To make it easier for these people customized messages are available on the internet.