Jordan 4 Bred 76 (8-6) end a two-game losing streak. Zhu – Holliday scored 33 points, 13 assists, 16 points, nine rebounds and Evan – Turner, Thaddeus – Young 10 points, Lawo Yi – Allen 11 points and six rebounds. Sun (6-8) two-game winning streak. – Michael Beasley scored 21 points, Marcin – Gortat 18 points, seven rebounds, Golan – Dragic 10, Maji Fu – Morris 8 points and 10 rebounds. Jermaine O’Neal – 11 points, – Sebastian Telfair 12 points, Luis – Luis Scola 10 points and seven rebounds.
Sun adjust the lineup, sophomore Morris into the starting lineup, and let the people of Dudley and Scola come off the bench. Morris after starting, the sun Liangzhanliangsheng, but starting today, they began six consecutive road trip, trip of over 10,000 km road record is not that good the sun is a great challenge. Tenacious sun than imagined. Morris into foul trouble early, affecting his play, but the sun is still played neck with 76 people. The first half, there is 1 minute and 47 seconds, the two teams battle into 41-41,76 scored five points, 46-41 dominant.
76 achieved double-digit advantage in the third quarter, but in the last 46 seconds of this section, the sun even 5 minutes, the rocket two Jiujiang gotta play Dragic two-thirds vote, Scola hit two free throws will recover as the score 75-80. Scola scored four points after the start of the fourth quarter, the sun 6-0 to 81-80 overtake. The two teams started the tug of war game with 19.8 seconds layup Morris, the sun is only 101-102 backward. Holliday is only one of two free throws to give opportunities for the sun, but Beasley close at hand layup missed. Turner again made ??two free throws one after the sun has equalized the machine, the the Dudley last moment not in the third, and the sun fall short.