Neck, don’t jump well, the hundreds of cut, you need to eat the water in the well fit it. ” SunGongHua intrepidly embrace LiZhiGao, said: “You jump, well I followed, anyway I is also you of person!” SunGongHua this final vindicate knocked me into a cocked hat. LiZhiGao and SunGongHua both adjustable go. Lee transferred to the commune communication BaoDaoZu, sun transferred to the commune women’s federation. This topfond jasper hiding in her three layer on the shop to weep aloud, but also his fist kept beat wall.

I put my own blanket moved to LiZhiGao free , originally belonged to my bunk. Look at the wall LiZhiGao tracks JS Instinct Hi, listen to the party a jasper hoarse crying, my tears a string flow into his mouth. I knocked at the wall acor ground say: “Jasper elder sister , don’t cry… you don’t cry……” ; My uncle in spread shout me, that my child’s pet name. I wiped my tears, from on the shop to climb down. A lower berth can’t of Jordan, in the presence of many temporary workers face uncle me a box on the ear. “Why dozen I?” I roared with anger.

“You give party a jasper and LiZhiGao ventilation signalling pimp, and kingdom branch secretary has put our ingredients by middle peasants into upper middle peasant!” Uncle angrily say. I can’t say a word, silently and got uncle a slap in the face. Hazy with my eyes, looked at uncle along the wall like mice away. Party a jasper crying one day. The next day everyone again see her a trip to a trip to well where is. I took a quick a chance to say to her: “Jasper elder sister, want to open point right, LiZhiGao such people, sooner or later, to have bad luck .” She smiled and said: “don’t curse him.”

After a LaBa, seeing is the Spring Festival. The factory has put export words, said the year 29 off, and to say to want to dismiss a batch of temporary workers . I think I and party a jasper are among the dismissal. I went to back, party a jasper after return day how? I took my worry ask her, she said: “don’t worry, as long as want to live will have a way.” The year the 21st in the evening, cloud spreads densely, scraping a chill of small northwest wind, sparse large snowflakes falling light. Ate dinner, I and party jade in the dining room corner meet, she gently said to me “After dinner to 30 buttress wait me, I have to talk to you.” My at present one piece of blue light shine.

I am looking for a few hundred reasons that I must go to 30 buttress to wait party jasper. I tremble with fear along the route to reach the hidden love canyon, looked up and saw the blue beautiful snowflakes in mercury lamp green light around, love the taste of the robot into my nose and mouth.

I saw the door of the big tent and cotton covered, their love nest has been SunHe bucket and “iron hammer” thoroughly destroyed? At a corner of the tent cock, from out under a green head, on the head with two flocculated blue cotton, skull born with golden eyes, ears pink, purple lips, is square jasper head! She scared me. “Fast drilling come!” She waited anxiously said to me. I looked around, and indecision. She said: “if you are afraid of will go back.” “No, no, no, I’m not afraid.” Vindicate me, from her body, supporting gap, like a puppy drill in. She behind the tent down, the green light disappeared, a dark eyes. She over my body, gently said: “Follow me to climb on.” She held out her a cold hand touched my hand.

Originally I thought tarpaulin will and earth pressure on us, now discovered, tarpaulins is hanging, she in cotton pile digging a trench.

I followed her forward climb, as black as pitch, what also can’t see, rely on nose smell her smell followed her. Trench through to cotton pile of true thoughts and feelings, and I figured maybe have eight meters long, she is in the dark said:

I’m fumbling feel this is a two meters square big hole, raise arms, stab to the tent.
She said: “sit down.”
I obediently sat down, the heart to beat myself.
There are two pen rod thickness of green light through down, I know this is on the analysis of the two hole, the hole is not only bright channel is the air channel.

Eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, I see all round the cotton radiation the BaiSenSen light, see the party jasper that ZhangQiao face probably profile. I heard her breathing the scent of her body that share a little acid, a bit salty, and point incense mixed smell. I’m from initial understand personnel since crush on square jasper sat in less than 30 cm from my place, stretched out his hand and can touch, but I dare not touch. I feel cold, and the upper and lower teeth fight, sound great. She doesn’t tweek, she think? I stutter the q:

“Jasper… elder sister… you told me to do……” She sighed, with loud voice say: “I in this place and he slept nine times!” Her voice met cotton, immediately be they absorbed. In the nine times huan of love, they absorb how much their voice, how many smell, how many tears? “Here, I use cotton… I really or by cotton wipe the blood!” Cotton absorbed her virgin blood. A woman’s secret to I completely opened. I am 18 years old. She suddenly loud cry up.