For a Toronto photographer who wants to break into photographing food there are several important rules. While these rules are not difficult to verbalize, they may be hard to follow. However, leaning them and following them will help you eat and live indoors.


Of all the types of food photography there is the least creative type is packaging. The company hires a photographer in Toronto to take photos for a food’s package they know exactly what they want. They know exactly how the picture should look ahead of time. The photographer’s job is to create that image. The lighting will be flat to show the most detail. It is very common to count the number of vegetables, corn for example, and then place them precisely into position. There are no special effects allowed. The job requires no creativity; it is simply taking a photo to match a pre-determined layout that makes the food look as good and as realistic as possible.


Advertising food photos include things like posters, menus, billboards, brochures and actual food ads. Here too the company has already determined what the photo will look like before you begin. It is less tedious than labels, you may not have to count peas, but it is still not a creative type of photography. You may be able to choose or change some of the lighting, but that is usually the extent. It’s similar to Toronto newborn baby photography. They know what they want and they give you only limited subject matter to use.


Editorial food photography is where creative comes into play. The job here is to make the food look tis best. Here is where backgrounds and props are extremely important. Not only must food look good but the background and props must convey the message the company wants to show. It can make the difference between success and failure.


Camera angle is also critical. In these photos you are trying to take a 2 dimensional photo and make it look 3 dimensional. An angle somewhere between 10° and 45° above the table will work. The exact angle will vary with the food and the lighting. The lower the angle, the better the food will look. That being said it really depends on the food. Lower angles also require more background and props.


Lighting is what you will use to set the mood. Are you going to shoot a high-key photo or a low-key photo or somewhere in between? The best Toronto photographer knows just the right mood for the photo.