nike hyperdunk It is well-known reporter in “Orange County” Kevin – Ding said, Dwight – Howard this season, the Lakers were not playing well, but he was very willing to renew the Lakers. Lakers in this context, in any case to Howard out of the maximum salary contract. Compared and Howard, Paul – Gasol situation worse, the Lakers than not to renew his contract, is still peddling his rocket involved again.Howard has performed poorly under the new system in the Lakers, but he is not unhappy.By contrast, Howard own prospects in the Lakers very optimistic, he hinted that he was willing and renew the team. The Lakers attitude is also very clear, regardless Howard how much money they have to spend top salary leave this big. They are now trying to give Howard an offer.
Howard and Lakers contract only last year, valued at $ 19.26 million, and next year he will become completely free in the summer. If Howard and the Lakers ahead of renewed next season, he can emulate LeBron – James, re-joining their favorite team. Perhaps this is the most worried about the problems of the Lakers. Lakers in recent years has been peddling Gasol, last year they almost sent to Gasol to the Rockets, and thus get – Chris Paul. Union rejected the deal, Gasol to continue to stay in the Lakers. The Union is now about to be implemented harsh luxury tax policies, Lakers salaries need to seek some sort of relief, reduce the huge fine.
According to “ring in the world,” the message, the Lakers the current transaction object Hawks, Knicks, Celtics and Rockets. The Hawks object is Josh – Smith, New York Knicks – Amare Stoudemire. However, the Eagles have been explicitly rejected Lakers, Gasol contract they do not want to eat. Knicks trading Stoudemire huge contract is the same for the Lakers prohibitive. Celtics and Rockets are not enough chips