This machine is widely applicable to shut mineral sands when the concentrator forms closed loop process with ball mills, or it is used to classifying mineral sand or fine mud, and make particle size grading in the metal beneficiation process in gravity concentrator plant,  and washing mud and dehydration in washing job.  The machine has a simple structure, reliable operation, easy to operate. I’m here to introduce a grading machine installation and maintenance:

1. The installation of classifier:

When installing grading machine, check the machine no damage, no screws are loose, you can install. Magnetic separator and classifier should be securely installed on concrete pouring of the foundation, basic design has a good supporting role to reduce the shear force of the screw.

Beneficiation equipment operating on the classifier structure and working principle has been very clear, we can use this machine spiral body rotation, you can start gradually turned materials into pulp, the volume of ore spirochetes work status, in case of special fault if overload,you must immediately stop the machine operation, you must immediately upgrade the spirochetes out of the slurry water, speed is my open valve to avoid stagnation. Restart the spirochetes and drop the spirochete to a certain position, when the screw body and machine is in use, if it needs to stop, you should stop feeding, you can complete the process of classification, no substance, stop running.

2. The grading machine’s maintenance

After grader works for a period of time, add some grease or calcium-based grease lubrication to points, every six months. You should always check the lower support or intermediate bearings, if bearings and seals is wear, is bearing is damaged, to replace the dryer. Every 4 hours, you must  lubricated bearings, and with the hand pump, the internal pressure of the bearing, the high pressure, you should maintain the sealing performance of the bearing.

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