Bifold doors or also known as sliding folding doors have been traditionally used in modern interior. These are an attractive alternative to the traditional sliding patio or French door.

These types of doors are sometimes referred to as zig zag doors which provide you with a clue as to how they work. These are typically made up of three to four glass panels that can be joined together in a certain number of configurations.

Bifolding doors have greater flexibility than sliding patio French doors. This door can be fully opened and can be completely closed or even partially opened on the certain amount of space that you want. Its ability to connect to the inside and outside of the home is undeniably awesome. For instance, you can allow the entire back of your home to open out in the garden.

This type of door basically extends your home into the garden in a fancy open living. Even if your door is closed you can still enjoy the overlooking view from the simplest room within the home. This has become obviously the prefect choice for those who would love to improve their home.

Doors are made available in range of materials such as aluminium, timber and aluminium. Its versatility and availability in range of materials makes bi fold doors a tempting option for you to consider installing one as you choose to upgrade your traditional patio doors.

Origin Easifold Doors is the leading company that provides exceptional bi folding doors that are especially designed and manufactured at their impressive state. What makes their bespoke bifold doors stand above the rest is that their doors are made for durability and long-term performance.

Their 20 years of being in the industry guarantees you a tailor made finish that is perfectly suited for your home design. They provide you with 500 colours and finish that are made from fine materials which include metallic and powder coated aluminium. These are heavy duty materials that will surely last for a life time.

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