Drying equipments in China have various productions and the application scope is enlarging. The drying equipments are of good prospects.  In grain drying, biological drying, vibration fluidized bed and some new drying equipment, the research and development in China are at the advanced international level.  The manufacturing enterprises do not invest much in drying equipments in general. With the acceleration  process of economic globalization, more and more multinational companies will transfer  their targets to Chinese market. Increasingly intense competition in our business demand the enterprises to absorb the foreign advanced technology. Through  independent innovation we can improve product quality. In product development, it is necessary to control the size of the facility, the  automation degree of equipment surface. The  anti-corrosion material selection need to be paid attention to.  The development of multi-functional combination machine will promote the product life circle to extend. Industry associations are  to organize enterprises to participate in international technical exchanges and absorb the latest technological achievements to improve the technical level. Product development projects, such as that of self-cleaning rotary cylinder, will usually produce  large-scale of spray drying equipments. Unfortunately most of the companies will develop the technology under wraps, academic exchanges usually do not open.
Various enterprises within the industry should join the powerful combination and encouraged a large number of companies which have strong technical strength and influence, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises. In heavy equipment industry, stone production line products are also in the similar situation.There are many kinds of drying equipment products but enterprises need to concentrate on certain products to develop the technical characteristics, at the same time companies should always concern about the needs of the market.  Only by this, competitiveness of enterprises can be improved and it will have healthy development force.


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