Fly ash dryer will target lock to overseas marketsmake the country prosperous to improvement the ball mill lubrication system craft Lubrication system plays an essential role in a ball mill, its significance lies in the efficient lubrication  system can effectively relieve the state of wear of the ball mill.The following, make the country prosperous the mechanical mainly on the the lubrication system Develop improved methods and mainly targeted at the craft of overflow type ball mill of of the overview of conduct some analysis, with a view to can do for you bring the the expansion of in the on the some of the methods and ideas for.Under normal circumstances, the ball mill drive gear with a dry lubricating oil, and the drive shaft at both ends of the Rolling dedicated lubrication system for lubrication, dedicated lubrication system we are talking about here is here to detail.Class dedicated hydraulic pump out the oil from your mailbox after a filtering device, respectively, by the pipe flow of all moving parts of the two main bearings and drive shaft, the outflow of oil from the bearing through the bearing at the bottom of the oil discharge pipe to flow back into the mailbox.Therefore, the the the motor power of the ball mill cylinder of the make the country prosperous machinery the of the ball mill of the of the the 2100mm the scope of of the at 900-you want to lower than the 400kW

, to adopt the the high starting torque the Y series, as well as the Model JR asynchronous motor drives, the middle of through the an reducer and to use the shaft coupling to connect .While the the the the ball mill of large specifications of the or the said power in the 400kW rely on on the those who, Fly ash block machinery you commonly used by to the the specialized TDMK type rotational speed synchronous motor, through the pneumatic clutch with the small gear link, to achieve single-stage deceleration transmission, the drive ball mill cylinder rotation.In the the on the of the Run-for-of the the requirements of, after using the pneumatic clutch, making the combination of a smooth, the wear and tear gap can be do not have to adjust the, with the thus saving the overhead of the the lubrication system of.At the same time, the torque of the passed is also very large, rapidly clutch, easy to self-control and remote control, can be achieved the of the piecewise start of the motor and the host, reducing the the the start-up power, to improve the the the start conditions, In addition Huan the laying of the a overload insurance device.In the the the Under normal circumstances, the is usually lubrication way of the of this overflow type ball mill make the country prosperous the mechanical of the yes the large gear with a dry oil atomizer periodically jet the of grease to the gear of the work surface of the quantitative in order to achieve the the lubrication.As the the good self-discipline effect of the spherical surface-watt bearing of the.The completely enclosed, self-after-bit tune heart, after the start of When the mill high-pressure the top of play a slewing the Ministry of, to maintain the a few minutes, high-pressure after the cessation of began to start.

At this time, the mill has been automatically the formation of the dynamic pressure oil film, effectively protect the a ZWZ.In In addition, the the the main bearing adopt the piston ring type seal device, with the help toward the plastic strips and grease can be achieved the very good sealing.Through the splashes device internal and axis carried out lubrication, and still has to back to the the the oil hole Tao to in order to facilitate the recycling work of the lubricant.The make the country prosperous of the the of the lubrication craft of the mechanical ball mill yes to to be improved the while the R & D come out of the in the the on the the the basis of of program responsible for a lot of of the molding and mature lubrication.To use more the the hydraulic jet technology, can effectively delay the the the of the  aging Zhuangkuang of the bearing.Finally, the the use of the dynamic and static pressure technology carried out before the start of oil film the laying of yes to make the country prosperous the the a mechanical pairs of the ball mill lubrication Department of the most outstanding contribution to, by comparing the test, after the the use of of this technology, the can improve the the original 3-5 times of the the the main ZWZ service life to the, and reduce the the a cumbersome and complex ball mill ZWZ replacement the frequency of.