Moment will be stained with the locusts, and we will be together with the rolling, rolling down the river bank, roll into deep and remote black, cold, unfathomable river, our bodies decay after will become YuBie shrimp crab meal, market next year turtle son of a gun, you will have our cells. We are wrapped in locust dragon, like the locust dragon melon, we like to be swallowed snake belly big frog. What a humiliation how terrible stimulate human beautiful nerve. To flee for life. I cried a sound. Hair donkey followed my cry howl a sound. Nine tuan to pull four old mama, four old mama face but is just a sweet smile. Four mother waved her hand, and the dragon tilt the rolling up the embankment, I grotesquely found, we unexpectedly in two locusts dragon in the space, it is the will of god, is the devil’s arrangement. Four old mama indeed as expected with a superhuman strength, I doubt that she and eight wax temple horse into a fine old locust had an affair.

The dragon in the river embankment paused, seems to rectify the formation, like exercising contraction some, compact some, and then, like huge logs, boomed out, roll into a river in. Hundreds of locusts dragon and rolling down the river, the river water splash, the YuanYuanJinJin are shout the surface broken by the noise. We surprised surprised at this world have rare scene, when 1935 ancient calendar May 15, no was locusts area, mature catcher in the rye, chasing layers of soft MaiLang, the first batch of mulberry are golden wheat straw big plunge into the silkworm variety on vomit a silver do cocoon, my six years old mother leg in the popliteal fossa of toxic sores are festering, time like silver black and mucosal eel as very slippery to drill to drill to.

The long dragon rolling down the river, my mind suddenly jump out of a simple phrase: the suicide! I’ve always thought that suicide is the human unique skills, only in this point, the talented person appear than an insect brillant JS Wings Rainbow, this is the pride of mankind established on the important foundation. The locusts want to commit suicide! In this foundation collapse, locusts are not suicide but should cross the river! One can continue to pride. The long dragon in the river of acute roll, dragons by water rushed to lie then tilt the vacillating , spray small and luxuriant, deep and remote blue river holes, incomplete, full river five rainbow light, was in a ferment. I saw the flocks of cut-throat eel impact aroused disease promote waves, rowing silver grey arc, flying over the locust dragon, hovering over locust dragon. They use the muzzle mouth bite marks the locusts. The locusts to attract each other, unity nervous, tear off to hard, eel are rotating locust dragon sling up, like a silver streamers.

We see locust dragon close to the other side, to the bank again slowly rolling, grasshopper body clings to the river make locust dragon more like a silver plating layer. They stop at the river bank , like a gasp. At this time, across the river, and the village came the man exclaimed, as if to pick up the signal like, hundreds of a locust dragon rapid expansion, suddenly explode, the overwhelming army to pounce on the north river bank may be green golden earth. Although only a river apart, but I’ve never been to, I don’t know the other side of the situation.

Because birth, delayed a long time, I opened my be sheep blisters have sticky eyes, to the east of the river bank to lookout , have already can’t see four old mama and nine tuan figure, intelligent of the hair donkey did not see, I ruthlessly bite with maternal connecting the bluish white’s umbilical cord, ran to the river bank, stepping on poop-poop sonorous floating and, stepping on throw fell on the aggradation, even by the sun and the hot sand baked main like petals, red, like venery as a woman. Look quenching, sending out the barbecue fragrance of the complete body and incomplete body, follow the vaguely donkey hoofprint and nine tuan big footprints, follow the four old mama volatile in clear in atmospheric rose red jasmine, hot erotic aromatic, fly also like running. Is still empty the earth round and round rotation, the earth is still overturned , so the whirlpool of river is from right to left rotation – can’t points or so – river vortex also overturned. I cried: four old mama – nine tuan – and so on me – and so on me! Tears filled my eyes, spring breeze touch my face, the river vastly and mightily farmland luxuriant grey, far and near, there is no one, I feel lonely, like the locust was left of the disabled

I ran to the east along the river bank, the river underwater sound loud and clear, a person is crossing the river. He water is very good, the station strokes potential , revealing the shoulders, both hands her clothes bag. Sweat on his shoulder rolling, the sunlight glints on the water. I stood in the river embankment, looking at his extraordinary strokes. Sunshine pieces of sprinkled on the river, the impulse to the man Ze stare blankly his shoulder, his presence bright a piece of, and his left behind a ploughshare shaped brushs, but soon be flow trowelling the.

He have to climb up the river bank, standing in front of me 35 meters far place, seriously eyed me. The sun baked his skin, steam rolled, make him like the covered with ShaMu. I vaguely see him the tangled skein of muscle and his scar grim face. One of his eyes blind, eye socket, in two rows eyelash is like the trees in ravines. I’m not hesitantly took him was recognized: you’re with me four old mama amour be four tuan with Wolf Xian prod rotten face prod blind eyes curium tinker!

Curium tinker grunted, shook his head, the ears of water to get rid of, then put his clothing bag used for travel on the ground, with a big hands hold up the root stout genital to sunlight exposure, I was quite surprised at his strange behavior, is when is really all things depend on the sun for their growth?

He basked in a moment, there is no shame to turned around and started at a snail’s pace to wear clothes, the clothes wear light, left on the ground but two black XiaZiQiang.

He is wearing nice shoes, the XiaZiQiang inserted in the waist, forced further, ask me, saw a man a woman a donkey have no?
I can’t lie, truthfully hand over to treat, and said I was born because the delay time, has not overtake them.

Curium tinker and approximation step, face painfully tic, the two row cross planted in deep four fixed in eyelash like earthworms, twist, he said: you are in a city, see the world, I ask you, you return four mother divorced, such as into the heated kang, what should I do?