Like a horse rutting male dog, very anxious to bite her swallow. She also called a sound sir, you just came back from drunk state Adidas JS Wings 2.0. She said she body not comfortable, you let her in the counter of the stool to sit down. She sat very far apart, you let her go depend, you let her go again by, she passed on by once. Her belly abuts on the counter, her legs stretched out to the front desk, you in the counter is so sit, you feel your knee against her two round, small knee. Her face turned red, shortness of breath cause her breasts close and open, her two milk like two bound small rabbit, your hand is full of sweat. You had to clench his teeth, the fire of desire as temporary pressure down, the millet filling small pillow drag to counter the central, you let her wrist pillow on it, and her hand upturned, five root pointed fingers nervously trembling. You stretched out your index finger and middle finger and ring finger, hold her wrist inboard inches, feet , shut. Your fingers a contact her skin, head like a balloon expansion up, your heart rote surges, wall soil nest bees like all drilling your double ear. You random heart , the loss of the reason, your three fingers and then she wrist satiny skin, feel the mind in the skyrocketing, the body in the sag, trapped in the red swamp red in the mud.

She put her wrist extraction back, stood up, and she said sir I walk. You once cooling, in that moment, you feel very ashamed , you distantly aware in the desecration of the sacred duty of physicians, and at the same time, do you still feel pride is injured, you even some regret.

Do you have a cough, hide embarrassment, you said you catch a cold, fever feel dizzy head. You sip a few bites cool tea, begged her to sit down. You calmly, collect live capricious for she feel the pulse. Her pulse immense strong, rapid such as stroke bean. Cut out the right hand cut the left hand. You to her disease have eight understand. Women in spring mostly are making the blood blood depression problem, can salvia miltiorrhiza safflower radix paeoniae alba and so on rule. You let her spit out the tongue, you see her furs. Her tongue scarlet slender, tongue and become warped, tongue heart a little yellow. From her mouth extrusive breath smell like just at the beginning of the dividing of new clam, carefully PinZa such as blue as musk deer, you are very eager to put her tongue contain in your mouth, you just want to bite down her tongue pharynx to belly to.

Finish see disease, you for her their root. You never know for what psychology, with DengZi says medicine, you always afraid of quantity is not enough — love is how great and how selfless, four ancestor, when a doctor fell in love with the patient, the medicine to the sick are foot two foot money, enjoy special preferential treatment.

Since she was young in red bundle touch a string of copper cash, then copper cash is still circulation? You don’t answer, it has no meaning. You refuse to accept her money, you say that want etc. She is good to accept her money. You give she caught third officer medicine, a pair of medicine eat two times, one time in the morning, and, after three days, eat medicine, you let her come again a trip.

She wants to go, your throat lived . A scorching words plugging in my throat you said not to come out. You vacuously standing, watching her two disc plump ass in the courtyard twist, in golden spring breeze in flow sunshine twist. She like suddenly appeared as suddenly disappeared, you pain to swallow a mouthful of saliva, throat on fire, you use half pot of cool tea poured out in the throat of the fire.

The fourth day morning, and is a spring scenery so beautiful days, the first batch of returning from the south swallow from the swamp to red mud in a nest under the eaves. This day, four ancestor, you are primp, your feet the Venetian wear white cloth shoes, a pair of sunlit baiyang XianMoZi set on your feet, you dressed in black cloth and anti-religion leg bloomers, coat a blue starched light blue cotton cloth XieJin robes, your new scraped the beard shaved head, to remove the watermelon skullcap you wear a hat? Brown hat, you like a in the office director Mr. Big. Put on new clothes, four old mama questioningly at you, you said today county have a big officer to the doctor, you strict told four old mama don’t to herbal, actually four old mama never dared to herbal, four master, you haven’t and do a thief has guilty.

You sit at the counter after waiting for the deeply worried, busy bees flying in sunshine, full yard is downy curve. You can’t imagine she is smiling or sorrow there appeared, you suddenly realized I didn’t remember her appearance, she to you is just a little messy local impression. You can recall her watery eyes, her short forehead, her purple bud of the mouth, but you’d like to have these local impression synthetic one, immediately what all fuzzy, you have been submerged in a piece of dark red color, that is her coats of color, dense and stagnate, like red mud .

One morning, you should forget the chewing thatch, you feel teeth stick a layer of dirty things, then you chew thatch.

At noon, she appeared in the courtyard. She appears to be that the lack of romantic color, you immediately feel whole morning you like a fire meteor ass and a monkey deeply worried is unreasonable, is funny. So thought, but your heart or mad, impact your rib, didn’t chewed a thatch or spontaneously rolling down the throat, you still like spring from the bench to play up, your sleeves sweep the red mud purple teapot to the ground fall into 9981 lobe you are not at a glance. You head a counter the folded plate, with children of balloon action ran to the door to meet her.

Her clothing as usual, a full face of beads, and shoes are stained with dust, it seems go very urgent. You unexpectedly some angry ground to ask: how did you just come to? She was apologetic ground say: home occupy, tied up, let you waiting so long. You put her to let to the counter and sat down, and you busy to give her pour water, you suddenly see fragments of the teapot. She said no water. Are you quite freely standing, teeth and bone have to have a war, hands and feet are couldn’t find the right place to put – this is the man to the woman before launch substantive impact contradiction mood external performance. In order to save yourself, you touch from pocket a bundle of thatch into his mouth.