Jordan 11 Columbia Paul George recent fire is very fierce, beat the Hornets launched into nine pointers in mind; Hibbert also playing the Hornets gains 10 points, 11 rebounds, 11 blocked shots, three pairs.Los Angeles, Both of these could not continue to “runaway” turn “crazy”, gains 16 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, but the last minute of the game, George Hill stole the limelight David West. When Hill breakthrough from the middle, facing the Gasol two long arms, wriggled throw the ball underhand, high playing board — God was on the Pacers side, lore! Hill only left the Lakers 0.1 seconds. 79 than 77, the Pacers a win away from Los Angeles. Open season was 15 games, Hill has twice lore, become a veritable “big heart, Mr..
U.S. time on October 31, Pacers and Raptors a war. Last minute, Hill the ball from the middle breakthrough, immediate concern the position next step in the free-throw line, in the face of stepped forward to block the Lithuanian center Kovalam Qiu Nasi, calm choose dumped, ball launch, ball to draw a high parabola, eventually falling into the basket. After the game, Hill said proudly: “This ball is my specialty, child in their own backyard golf course does not know the training of hundreds of thousands of times.”
And this time playing the Lakers, Hill throw from top to bottom. “Hit the winning goal, I think it should be the players are eager,” Hill said. Vogel said: “In my opinion, he’s dumped more than any player, and more, this is his specialty Shazhao.” Campaign, Hill scored 19 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. “Great pride in our defensive play tonight,” West seems intent on avoiding their own quasi-three pairs, praised his teammates and team defense to force blindly, “We can talk to Alliance With such high quality defensive a strong team deal — Lakers Bryant, ext Dwight and Paul Gasol, I think we can beat this team play was too place and we will not let them comfortably in hand shot, we prepared before the game to play out. “