Whether you mine the coal, copper, iron ore, or other mineral deposit, you should use a very important mechanical crusher, that is crusher, it has many kinds like impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on. To buy a most suitable crusher not only be directly related to the mining face efficiency, and to some extent it is related to whether the follow-up work can continue produce, it is a major stake healthy development of enterprises, so how to select the right crusher?

Too emphatically from the following aspects to consider:
One is, according to the nature of the deposit to choose. According to the ore properties of selected different, if it is coal mine, select the cone crusher?if it is the general iron ore, copper can choose two or three level broken crusher, the best choice is to counterattack crusher, if it is some hardness ore, you should choose the crusher with higher resistance to hardness, so you should first understand all kinds of crusher’s suitable hardness scope and grinding characteristics. And to the mine the most commonly used is jaw crusher and cone crusher, because they can make very hard ore crushed (maximum compressive 350 mpa), it is the most suitable choice for those hard ore mine.

The second is, according to the comprehensive production process conditions to choose. The selected crusher should be confidential for gravel production line of maximizing the efficiency of need, according to the scale of production and the different production process conditions, be reasonable to arrange the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine grinding, etc these process equipment, play each machine’s most powerful effect, such ability can be ready for the next choice of concentrate, so as to save the working time and improve the whole process of production efficiency.

Third is to consider the brand and price. Choose the right type, it is necessary to choose a specific brand, the price is also very important considerations. At this point, we recommend to select the manufacturers guarantee product quality and good reputation.

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