The most pressing problem of China’s cement rotary kiln production enterprise is the adjustment of technology industry structure, it must adapt to the most stringent environmental protection standards, the new type of cement rotary kiln has completely returned to environmental protection direction development, introducing the new type dry cement rotary kiln process as the leading stage. At present, Henan hongxing cement rotary kiln design institute developed a new style, the first to add new clinker production capacity, entered Zhejiang to purchase on a large scale and a wide range. Promote the adjustment of regional industrial structure.

Consider the new way of the industry, leading the restructure of chinese cement rotary kiln industry to achieve the dream of several generations of Chinese people. Song Zhiping has a long vision and big courage, and his success is a very helpful way to explore for the healthy development of the industry. Large-scale and high-speed construction of cement rotary kiln industrial development provides a rare opportunity for the market. Vigorously promote the new dry cement rotary kiln process, cement rotary kiln enterprises in China can be said to go in the technical, economic and management rank in the world. All adopt the new cement rotary kiln production, using the industrial new dry cement rotary kiln and gasification incinerator combined disposal of municipal solid waste technology will be the highlight of the second five cement rotary kiln industry.

China’s building materials with the policies and capital wheeled drive, the world’s cement rotary kiln in China, in 2011 the market supply and demand relationship has changed, the cyclical rise and fall of the economic development, cyclical market goes down is the acquisition of good opportunity for the East China cement rotary kiln market from the rise to the fall period, the achievements made by the Chinese building materials will be included in the annals of the development of China cement rotary kiln.

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