In the stone-crushing lines, the reasonable arrangement of crushing equipments plays an important role in output increase, shape improvement and size distribution. Based on the actually measured data of the cone crusher and the jaw crusher, experiments and tests are carried out on the spot, the cone crusher replaces the jaw crusher for the 2nd crush, the discharge port of the triple crusher is reasonably adjusted, and finally the overall performance of the equipment is greatly improved. Test results show that the average output increases from 160 t/h to 195 t/h, the average capacity increases by 21.88%,the stone shape is greatly improved, and the size distribution is also more reasonable.

Aiming at the solution to the practical problems in cone crusher design, the influence factors of crushing force and the distribution of crushing force on the generator of mantle are analyzed. Based on interparticle breakage theory, the distribution of crushing force on single crushing zone is revealed and the related method is proposed. Consequently, the method for finding the distribution of crushing force on the whole surface of mantle is presented. Considering the working principle and structural character of cone crusher, the loads of the key friction pairs are calculated, the kinematics of the working cone crusher is researched in depth, the rational design range of coefficients of the key friction pairs and the temperature change of lubricating oil when cone crusher is out of normal condition are obtained, thus providing technical method for acquiring the load information of cone crusher and providing theoretical basis for the research and development of domestic new high-efficiency cone crushers.

Taking the working principle and structural character of cone crusher into account and combining the empirical model for predicting particle shape with the size distribution model, a flakiness prediction model was proposed and the mess percentage of flakiness in the final product was calculated. With dividing the crushing chamber into crushing zone and calculating the size distribution of the discharge from each crushing zone, the model for calculating the mass percentage of the flakiness in the discharge of each crushing zone was presented, the analysis of the variation of the flakiness percentage in the process of crushing was achieved. Taking a cone crusher as an example, the flakiness index was predicted according to the structural and working parameters, which proves that enhancing the probability of particles getting crushed with increasing the speed of basic shaft rotation and improving the structural parameters is an available way to improve the product shape

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