Given such characteristics of the fly ash, fly ash processing Mill mass production need a ball mill or a new type of vertical mill, but cost much faster ball mill overall loss, energy consumption relatively large, commonly used in many venues, vertical mill better. If it is a small batch processing, ladder mill equipment on the line, the based on Raymond principle developed equipment.

The fine ash, fly ash is the solid waste discharged by coal-fired power plant fly ash, flue gas from coal combustion be collected down. The fly ash is the larger one of the industrial waste residue of displacement has increased year by year, with the development of the electric power industry, coal-fired power plant fly ash emissions. Lot of fly ash is not addressed, it will generate dust, pollution of the atmosphere; into the water to river silting, toxic chemicals which will cause harm to the human body and biological. Fly ash can be used as a cement, mortar, concrete admixtures, and become a component of cement, concrete, fly ash as a raw material instead of clay for the production of cement clinker raw materials, manufacturing sintered bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete, foam concrete hollow brick, sintered and non-sintered ceramic, paved roads; build a dam, the construction of the port, of lowland farmland potholes, coal mining subsidence area and mine backfill; the sorting from Zeeospheres, beads, iron fine powder, carbon, aluminum, and other useful substances, including floating beads, beads were used as insulation materials, refractory materials, plastics, rubber filler. In addition, fly ash can be used as concrete admixture.rotary sieve:

Generally used for processing fly ash dedicated the Raymond machines, can be used the Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill can also be used, but also can be used to the extreme pressure trapezium mill models small big. It is best to use larger models, if 5R recommendations the 5R4124, or GF1430 type longitudinal tilting Mill; 6R cost-effective is not very good, recommended with GF1720 type vertical tilting Mill.

Industrial milling equipment to use in the system of the fly ash to a variety of type of mill, Raymond mill, high pressure mill, trapezoid mill is the most widely used, but these mill for processing fly ash, mass production can not be achieved, in the large-scale projects, the problem can be solved using the vertical milling machine.