The most important pieces of equipment’s owned by a Toronto photographer are lenses. All of the images you take must pass through the lens before the lens before the camera can record them. If the images get distorted or beat up on the journey through the lens you have lost the battle. The Baby photographer Toronto is more limited by the quality of lens than by the quality of a camera. Even the best camera in the world can only record what it receives. That is why it is so important to use the best lenses you can afford.


One of the things that should be consider before you start investing money in camera equipment either in lenses or camera bodies is what brand of camera you want to use. Over the course of a lifetime you may have several cameras. Cameras change with technology. However, lenses, if taken care of will last an entire lifetime. If you change brands of camera you will have to buy new lenses because each make of camera uses a slightly different lens. Most of the cameras sold today are either Canon or Nikon. If that is not to say that the other brands are not good, but because of their limited market share it may be hard to get quality lens. Then if the company folds; think Polaroid, you will have to buy all new lenses.


Many smaller companies make excellent lenses for both Nikon and Canon. Sigma is a company that has made some great technological advances in recent years. They have some very fast and accurate focusing. They come in a variety of sizes, speeds, and prices. The older models are less expensive but they are not as good.


Tamron also makes great lenses for Canon and Nikon camera bodies. Some people would not consider these lenses to be the highest quality, but they do have some of the best prices. They make a good short telephoto lens that is excellent for a family photographer or a couple photographer to take portraits.


Canon of course makes its own lenses. They make lenses in a wide range of quality and prices. On the high end of quality and price they are some of the best lenses made. These lenses cost between $5000 and $10000 but will capture some amazing images. On the low end the lenses will help an amateur get started.