If you find yourself looking to purchase a new Google Android phone, then there are several things to consider in order to find the best possible device. With literally fifty or more phones available, it can be a daunting process. With most wireless carriers, you have to commit to a new two year contract. In Canada, that becomes a three year commitment. Making the right choice is imperative given the cost and amount of time youl end up using your Android phone.

The first thing youl need to decide upon is the wireless carrier. If you are in the US, then you can select from any of the four major carriers. This includes Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Find a cellular provider that has good service in your area. It is also important that you see if your carrier supports 4G LTE networking in your location. Some companies such as Sprint will charge you for 4G service, even if you don have access. The most ideal way to test service is to speak with friends and family. Wireless carriers will also allow you to call anyone within your network. If you have a close friend who you chat with often, then it makes sense if the both of you are utilizing the same wireless carrier. By having an attractive calling plan, youl save money in the long run.

With the carrier selection out of the way, it will refine the list of available Android phones that you can purchase. Don be concerned as youl still have a good number of choices that range in price. Define a budget for how much you would like to spend that is anywhere between zero and $300. When considering your budget, remember the lifespan of your phone. Most folks do not consider they are spending a upwards of sixty dollars per month on their cellphone plan. When you prorate that over twenty four months, the cost of even the most expensive phone pales in comparison. Most users will find that a mid-range to upper tier price range will be ideal.

What matters most to you? Are you someone who enjoys to take a lot of photographs? If so, then youl want to focus on a Google phone that has a good amount of megapixels. When it comes to photography, megapixels aren the only consideration. Some phones provide the ability to do macro photography and also perform well in low light.

Some phones will offer the option to have a physical keyboard, while some use an on-screen keyboard. This really comes down to personal preference and what will work best for you. Android phones with actual keyboards are sometimes heavier or take away from the size of the display. Be sure to know what compromises you might have to make when selecting your phone.

Choosing a best new android phones should be an fun and exciting experience. Using these easy tips, you should be able to find the best phone for you.