Golden aster a man bent down to cut the wheat, she put the wheat YiBaBa plug into between her legs, heavy grain and shaking , high up on her ass, like a big gold tail. My wheat cut out, in the earth, and of MaiCha seam in by weak corn see the sun, they are interplant, wheat bully to thin, yellow. I am single one, two acres of enough. Since the year before I return home, he noticed the girl. She was not beautiful. Of course , I’m not beautiful. Of course she is not ugly. Of course I don’t ugly. Remember me when a soldier she was so small, so fine, now she so big so coarse. I like bulky. My wheat shipped home in the afternoon. I raised my hand against the look at the table, Shanghai production witchford brand watch, every day is doomed to than standard time run twenty seconds, now 11 point zero 1 minute, the day before yesterday with the radio – the table.

Every button to twenty seconds, now 11 point zero twenty seconds, home don’t worry JS Wings 2.0, this is the last thing. High horse heart with deep compassion, carrying the sickle, standing in behind golden aster. Golden aster don’t know someone was behind, bending the waist GeMai only. Then the magpies from afar and chase fly back, the sparrow still follow. Pocket recorder into his pockets, headphones plug on the ear. Battery power shortage, on the ear music a little in strange tongues, but still quite good listen to is. Lasses are as beautiful as flowers. Her back was broad and flat, the hair above a piece. She panted heavily. Young man mind more broad. He put the headset off, headphones card on the neck, also can hear the tone sandhi of music. Golden aster. High horse in a low voice. Earphone two group sponge card in the throat, music stimulate the throat, slightly numb to itch.

He hands move them once. Golden aster slowly straight up, is full of sweat and dust face on the numbness dull expression. Her right hand carry the sickle, left hand holding a wheat, looking at high horse and, without a word. High horse looked at her shabby men’s blue cloth uniform apiece, and the two raised in two pockets in the outline of the breast, also have no words. Golden aster threw down the sickle, the hand of wheat into two pinch, twist the became a root Yao son, on the ground and then split legs, the clamp in the fork of wheat hold out, on the Yao. Golden aster… How you a cut? Oh, my brother went to market. She whispered, up the sleeves wipe the sweat on his face, and then half is the one who holds fist, beat the both sides of the beneficiary. Her face was so wash some white, a few strands of head stuck on the temples. Lumbago? Her silent smile.

Her two front teeth on some blue spots, other teeth dazzlingly white. Apiece of button, a long neck bare chest, he saw her soft breast edge, the in the mind be very nervous. There, be full of the wheat straw was the sharp poke out of the red spot, but also with some white wheat shell and brown of the awn of wheat. Your eldest brother also go to market? He asked for some regret. Her brother is a cripple, walking inconvenience, market is the two elder brothers to her. Golden aster flatly answer: no. That he should come to help you. Golden aster don’t talk , look up at the sun, the sun to stab her eyes narrowed up. He suddenly feel she is poor. What time is it? High MaDaGe. She asked. High horse watch, said: 11 point 15 points. Had said and then added: my watch is a little bit fast. Golden aster turned half around face, looked that a piece of wheat, gently sigh and said: or hello, high MaDaGe, a person have no CARES, so limited job done will play. And she sighed, turned around, picked up the sickle, said: I can’t be with you talk. Said he bent down to, waved the sickle cut up. High horse stood behind her a means for a while, sigh, said: “I help you cut! Golden aster busy straightened up and said: no no, how can the labor you shout. Her face reddened between a brake. High horse looked at her face, said: “I at a loose end is play. Adjacent wall to separate home, who don’t have the who? Golden aster low head, pull to utter a single word said: that bursts, let you follow involvement la la la la la la… High horse from the recorder pocket cut out, shut the power, from the headphones on the neck, on the ground.

The things you sing??????? Golden aster asked. Put the music. Requires high horse with said. Good to listen to? Can also, the battery is running out, GanMingEr change new battery , you go to listen to. I can’t, give you stab broke, I can not lose. Golden aster said with a smile. It doesn’t effeminacy, very simple, high horse said, is broke and I won’t let you lose. Say the words, two people are bent down, cut up there. Golden aster in the front, and the high horse. Golden aster cut two lines, high horse cut three lines. Golden aster play Yao son, high horse took Yao son. Your father is not seven old eighty tow don’t move, to the earth to help you all right! High horse discontentedly said. Golden aster hand sickle paused and said: today my home have company… High horse to listen to the words of her there are concerned, the taste of bitterness, and no longer ask, GeMai more quickly.

Golden aster fork in the vertical grain from time to time and his shoulder and face, some of his restless, said: come on cutting, I cut three lines, you cut two lines, but also get in my way. JinJuShui: high MaGe, I have spiritless. The voice of the cry taste. High horse said: also, the work normally shouldn’t let women do. People don’t was not sin. JinJuShui. If I have a daughter-in-law, let her stay at home doing cooking, patchy clothes, feed chickens , ducks, the field of live don’t let her touch with one’s hand.