Tip one: make detergents using salt and vinegar and use it to wipe pure gold ornaments. It will keep them new.
Tip two: use a stick or match which is wrapped with cloth and then soak it in the Florida water or glycerol. Use a cloth to wipe the ring and never use a sharp thing to scrape it.
Tip three: daub a level of Nail enamel in the surface of the gold ornament to protect it from fading.
Tip four: use a soap or soft brush to wipe a gold ornament.
Tip five: never wear a gold ornament when you do rude work, especially a ring .
Tip six: pure golden ornaments may lose their brightness when they are in the air or they are wet by the sweat. Just put them in the warm water or maintenance water for a couple of minutes and then wipe them using a cloth.
Tip seven: never let a gold ornament get in touch with something like perfume and something like that will make them fade.
Tip eight: pure gold ornaments will produce a chemical change when they get in touch with mercury and just put them above the spirit lamp for a couple of minutes and they will recover.
Tip nine: if you have a gold ornament with hide rope, then you keep hide rope away from water and never wipe it heavily and keep it away from high temperature and the direct sunshine.

Tip eleven: it is always necessary to put the golden ornaments in the last step to wear clothes and take off your makeup.
Tip twelve: take off your golden ornaments when you go swimming to keep it from chemical change.
Tip thirteen: wrap golden ornaments and then put them in your box to keep them from rubbing.
Tip fourteen: do not wear golden ornaments in the hot spring and just send it to be washed in the special institution,
Tip fifteen: never drag the necklace in case that it will change because golden ornaments are soft.
Tip sixteen: if you wear golden ring and also platinum ring, they will rub each other and golden ring will get the white part of the platinum ring, then you just scrape it with an agate knife and wipe it heavily using a cloth.
Tip seventeen: environment will make golden ornaments lose their brightness. For example, the subtle dust in the dryer place will erode the golden ornament because the subtle dust will turn the body like sand paper. What is worth mentioning here is that talcum powder and body lotion have the same function. So you may use the soap water mixed with little alcohol to wash it and then make it dry.
Tip eighteen: golden ornaments will lose brightness when you wear them because of the sweat and dust. So, all you have to do is put them in warm water mixed with neutral cleanser essence and clean them and then make it dry.

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