When any property is subdivided for the sake of development of the multi-unit of the property, it always needs a specific body to carry out the aspects of ownership regarding the property. During the process of the registration of the strata scheme, the strata company develops to be incorporated. Generally the legislation regulates the strata companies which have to undergo revisions regarding the deal along with the changes in the property ownership aspects. Apart from that the company also needs to adjust with changes made in the body depending on the knowledge as well as experience achieved from the synchronizing the industry.

The members who are related to the strata company gets offer for better reasonable property along with reduced rate of share cost for the proper maintenance of the property. There are wide varieties of strata companies which include townhouses with attached villa, apartment wings and more property of commercial as well as residential value.

The strata manager is the real rescuer particularly for the strata scheme. Though as per the NSW guidance, the strata management does not require a well qualified along with valid license holder manager but during the emergency, the strata manager can only save the property. For the strata management nsw, the strata manager is the only person who can handle all the troubles without any difficulties related to the property schemes. Following are some of the strata management nsw scheme which is quiet beneficial at the time of emergency.

The experienced strata manager is the best persons to deal with the problems. Specially those who are trained and professionally sound and also have got a valid license. The knowledgeable strata managers are capable to take the total responsibility of the works regarding strata management and also about its schemes. Generally the strata management agencies are experienced enough to handle the complexities, just as an experienced surgeon doctor knows how to operate his patients. In the same way the strata agencies knows when some the weird issues crops up.

Being a responsible strata manager, they have some serious works to do for their clients. Many members related to the strata companies are not aware of the rules and regulations of the strata management and unfortunately they are also not aware what works exactly should the strata manager need to do. There are particular rules and regulations mentioned under the legislation procedure, some of the duties of the strata manager are mentioned though they are not limited in nature.

The strata agencies and the manager should retain the trust in order to avoid any kind of disputes. The accounting records should be properly managed and documentation should be done in order to avoid any problems. At least for the time period of, minimum 5 years, all records should be safely stored. The client as well the agency should have easy access to all the accounts and records that are stored safely. The manager should prepare all the financial statements and budgets for the present time.

These are some of the responsibilities of a good strata manager. Apart from that good communication and relationship should be maintained between the companies and the executive committee in order to get continued support and help.

Christopher Whelan is a Licensed Strata manager at Whelan Property Group Pvt. Ltd. He has shown great innovation and believes Whelan Property Group is at the forefront of technology use in Strata management followed by Strata company.