Let’s face it, in business, no matter where you go or what you do there are certain costs to doing business and the pay per head business is no different!
Pay per head services that are located in Costa Rica know all too well about the cost of doing business. In Costa Rica you’ll find that the best pay per head services are the ones that offer sports bookies an open door policy and actually invite their perspective offshore bookies to come and visit and tour their facility. If you think about it this makes perfect sense that is if you’re truly serious about your bookmaking business!
Before simply dropping your child off at the front door of the local day care center, you would probably do a background check on the people running the place, tour the facility and even probably get to know the people in charge. Well why wouldn’t you do the same with you’re your bookmaking business, since it is your livelihood? It isn’t a bad idea to do your due diligence on a pay per head service before entrusting your hard earned bookmaking business to just anyone!
The best pay per head service doesn’t cut any corners, especially on the most important details such as;
• Infrastructure
• True Redundancy for Internet, Phones & Electrical
• Security & Privacy
• Cutting Edge Wagering Software
• Digital Wager Recording
• Advanced Agent Real Time Reporting
• State Of The Art Telephone Systems
• 24 Hour Call Centers
• Qualified English Speaking Supports staff
• Qualified Line & Risk Management Team
In the offshore pay per head business the pph services that offer bookies cut rate or teaser prices simply can’t afford to run their pph businesses efficiently. By undercutting their competitors and not charging the proper amount of money that it takes actually takes to run a first class pay per head service these sub pay per head services need to cut corners on everything from manpower to software, to hardware as well as all the most necessary resources!
This becomes a problem when an unsuspecting sports bookies that don’t know any better gets blinded by a low price thinking that they’ve found the deal of the century that in the end usually ends up costing them much more than they bargained for!
WANING: If you’re a local bookie that’s looking to take your bookmaking business offshore you’re already on your way to being more successful than you’ve ever imagined But before blindly jumping in head first you need to do your homework on the perspective service before simply entrusting your hard earned bookie business to anyone that offers the lowest price. Remember in any business the three keys to success are service, service and service!