Google AdSense is a Cost per click advertising program developed by Google Inc. It functions by assisting the publishers in inserting some HTML contents in their sites which contains ads that are relevant to the matter or content of the site. In other words, it allows the owners of the website to display the ads of Google and earn revenue in return. It is a platform that extends the behind banner sharing concept in a refined way. Although not instantly, the Google AdSense does help people in making money by just posting relevant ads alongside one’s online content.

The Google AdSense revenue can be earned by simply posting content that is rich and attractive. Publishers should make sure to post such matter that proves to be attractive for audiences to read. The more the masses are attracted to an ad, the more will be the traffic generated. The more the traffic, the more would be the number of clicks per ad. These clicks define the amount or commission that the publisher would receive. Generally, content with keywords that succeed in grabbing the attention of the people, is the content that receives the maximum number of clicks. Every advertiser pays Google a specified amount per ad. Google then pays the content publisher a part or percentage of that amount. Depending on the traffic, the quality of content, and the placement of the ad, the publishers can earn a decent amount of revenue.

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing, wherein a company or person rewards one or more affiliates, for every visitor brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It includes a merchant, a network, a publisher, and the customer. It uses a “pay for Performance” model in which a merchant does not incur a marketing expense. It overlaps with other internet marketing methods because affiliates use advertising as a medium to expand business. Under affiliate marketing, a lot of revenue can be earned by simply promoting other people’s or company’s products by using a distinctive link with a code. If this product is bought by somebody using the link, then it is tracked by the advertiser and the merchant is rewarded and earns a commission. This commission is most often, a share or percentage of the sale price. Many a time, the advertiser also sets a fixed amount to be paid to the merchant.

Google AdSense revenue and affiliate marketing are a means by which, people can earn quite a sum of money by simply building a strong network over the internet. As the content or product becomes popular the number of audiences increases. This thus results in the increase in the number of clicks, and sales. As a result, the publisher earns popularity and money.

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