Because of the ecological hype of today it seems as if water can’t be described as H2O in gas, liquid or solid form. No, water is also described as hard or soft.

But what does that mean and what are the qualities of both varieties?
It is not that hard to keep hard and soft water a part. Hard water is a less filtered form of soft water, like tap water. Tap water is filtered but still contains some form of lime, chemical substances and heavy metals. It goes without saying that you don’t want to see those particles floating around in your coffee and you will need to start using a water filter.

That is why there were machines developed able to filter your tap water by adapted water softeners or waterverzachters. The extra filtered water is called soft water. Soft water has the remarkable feature that it is healthier as opposed to hard water. It’s best to use soft water for cooking, the dishes, washing and washing your clothes. You can also upgrade your soft water to delicious drinking water by removing the smell of chlorine and adding a little extra taste with the help of an extra filter.

Getting your delicious drinking water out of soft water is not just super easy, it will also save you about 400 euro’s a year. Because you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. You can also use as following: Hook your fresh drinking water to a soda machine so you can easily create your own healthy soda.

Are you saying that hard water has become unnecessary?
No, you don’t need soft water for everything. Water used to flush the toilet, wash the car, clean the driveway or similar tasks can be done with hard water. It’s clear that the way you use water can be personalized to meet your every demand.
It does not mean that when hard water can be transformed to soft water and even drinkable water that every water has to be transformed. It takes a lot of time and effort to filter your water again and again. So, for minor chores like washing your car, watering your plants, cleaning the drive way and many more you can use hard water without any problems. Besides watering your plants with hard water of rain water is even better for your plants because they need the minerals.
To conclude: Your water can be personalized to fit your needs. If you prefer soft water for house hold chores like cooking and cleaning or even upgrade your tap water into tasty drinkable water while maintaining hard water for chores outdoors, it is all possible. Besides changing your water consummation has proven to be healthy. It is best to drink soft water (or bottled water) one day and hard water (of unfiltered water) the next one.
My advice is to get the best of both world and install you waterfilter and waterontharder today.