A well organized pantry or closet complete with stickers and labels on every box or jar, a true house wife’s fantasy. Since the era of Ikea, organizing cannot be separated from good housekeeping. Once you had a well organized pantry of closet, you simply cannot live without. And you know what they say, every jar has its lid and it this case it comes along with a label too. But why are stickers so popular these day, what trigged this phenomenon?
The three major factors which trigged this whole labeling hype are: the desire for organization, decoration and hygiene.
In these hectic times, time becomes essential. Therefore nobody wants to waste precious time searching through old clothes or trying to find a pencil or some sowing gear. Most of these little things ‘we have but do not need’ are put randomly in big boxes, which makes it impossible to find any of it. So in order to find something, you have two options. One, you open every box en try to find what you are looking for. Two, you create the time to organize every box en mark each box with a sticker which clearly states what is in it. Those who like the long term solution will opt for the second choice. And that is why most attics, closets and pantries are loaded with heaps of stickered boxes.
The second reason why stickers and labels are so popular is because it allows you to decorated and personalize any kind of stuff. Whether they are Stickers, labels, bumper strips, decorative seals, peel-n-stick notes or funky stick-on tags everybody has at least used them once to decorate something. Since stickers are decorative they are great fun for crafts, perfect for labeling gifts and packages.
Stickers can also be used for home decoration. Big stickers can decorate your home or car. The wall stickers which you can reposition are great for home decor or classroom inspiration, and prepasted removable wall stickers are an easy way to add punch to offices and meeting rooms.
But besides the creative attribution, they also allow you to personalize something. Think about the political campaigns, party favors and band promos. Where would they be without stickers.
Stickers let the world know you support a cause or candidate. Stickers tell people you love a certain restaurant, or whatever you like
The last trigger is about health and hygiene. Every good cook will only work with fresh foods, but in order to know which foods are still fresh they need to be labeled. A label can tell you which products are still fresh, which will expire shortly and which already are expired. That is why you should use a etiketten or label, it can show you the date of purchase and most of them are color coded which makes it twice as easy. This coding technique has been around for years in big restaurant. But since the latest hype of cooking and health inspection programs on television, the habit has been passed on in most households.

All that stickering and labeling is for the good cause. However, do not over do it.  Do not turn you attic or basement into a coloring book. Otherwise you will no longer be able to see the woods through the trees and that would be poor organizing.