Neopets is often a social networking massively multi-player on the internet game (MMOG) virtual pet webpage that was created in 1997 and launched in November 1999 by an independent internet designer and also a advertising expert. Viacom at this time owns the web site in association with Nickelodeon. The web page is aimed at kids from age 6 to sixteen. The basis from the website will be the member’s capability to adopt and take care of the virtual pet. Pets can be cute and cuddly non-threatening animated animals or obscure-looking aliens and monsters.


Neopets is set from the fantasy world of Neopia, which has its own time zone, calendar and currency called the Neopoint. Members will quickly discover that creating cash is the main emphasis in the game, which is why the world has its very own stock industry. New members of Neopets adopt a virtual pet to begin the game. Customers are allowed to adopt and care for a number of pets – having said that just one pet qualifies the consumer to accumulate Neopoints. Consumers consider care of their pets by solving puzzles and playing games. Games enable players to make Neopoints. To be able to effectively care for their pets, gamers buy them food, clothes, shelter and home things. If a player doesn’t adequately take care of their pet, it doesn’t die – it just falls ill.

What’s Good

Neopets is really a rather innocent-looking internet site that could appeal primarily to girls age 8 and up who are interested in nurturing and building pals. Most of the pets that players adopt are non-threatening. The majority of the facial expressions are sort and friendly. You will discover totally no grownup themes within the game or within the web site. There’s no consuming, smoking, drug use, sex or offensive language. The only violence that will come about occurs when pets are engaged in Battledome; but even right here there is no blood or gore – only sparring. Neopets provides little ones the opportunity to care for and nurture a virtual pet. Youngsters will study the fundamentals of what it takes to get responsible – not simply using a pet, but with cash.

What is Poor

The superior level of marketing on Neopets is lead to to get a great deal of problem. It is actually clear that a advertising expert was in on the design and style of this web page. Hiding a dollar signal behind cutesy photos aimed at young children is lower. Leading to young children to grow to be massively addicted to consumerism in occasions when the opposite should really be the situation exhibits that the value of cash is more essential than a social conscious. This does not even consider into consideration the merchandise that children can be swayed into buying about the website’s buying mall. Moms and dads really need to maintain a lock on their wallets and purses.

Online Safety

Neopets has accomplished an above-average career of promoting online safety. Even though the web-site collects individual information, it discourages unacceptable conduct and silences individuals customers who’ve damaged the terms and ailments of membership. Moderators regarded because the Neopets Crew (TNT) are energetic and plentiful for the web page, forums and chat. The web site needs the moms and dads of young children age 13 and over who wish to participate in forums to fax within a signed consent form.

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