The French famous brand Longchamp mechanizing equipment founded in 1948, is famous in the world famous leather one of the family. The Longchamp horse LOGO design has detailed present low-key, far from the fashion LOGO crime, real let people remember is Longchamp turn hand bag concept, dumplings pop and bag to lost in honor of the popular Michae is JunHui buttons. Longchamp to serve the people theme set limit to bag. To perfect the top French tradition of work, leading the fashion design, deft practical folding concept, and the price level kind is famous the world over, today, the product series more by the original skin pipe extended to handbags, leather belt, leather glove, silk and silk tie.

In 1948, Xiang mechanizing equipment (Longchamp) founder Jean card and Mr. Grant (Jean Cassegrain) in Paris the first open pipe outlets. With extremely creative spirit, Jean card and Mr. Grant to take the lead in leather set in the pipe handle, make a pipe appear in style, by the favour of a market, even the United States a generation of rock and roll giant Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) is also the support! We store have the good credit, reliable quality, so get a lot of customers. Usually a customer bought later will once again to buy. Because they believed us. Our store sells a variety of jewelry, clothing, shoes, hats and other senior. They are all made of the famous international designers. So the styles of them are liked by most of people. They are very fashion and beautiful. If you want to buy a gift, please choose it here, Our products are cheaper than other shop and the quality is good. So do not overlook to get your bazaar analysis done if you wish Longchamp bags. Our products look beautiful, very generous decent, and very fashionable.

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