the old man’s face; he had never seen him so excited. “It’s that man, Levison.” “I do not understand you,” said Mr. Carlyle. He did not. It was as good as Hebrew to him. “The Levison of today, your opponent, is the Thorn who went after Afy Hallijohn. It is so, Mr. Archibald.” “It cannot be!” slo north face denali hoo wly uttered Mr. Carlyle, thought upon thought working havoc with his brain. “Where did you hear this?” Mr. Dill told his tale. Otway Bethel’s recognition of him; Sir Francis Levison’s scared paleness, for he had noticed that; Mr. Ebenezer’s revelation. The point in it all, that finally settled most upon Mr. Carlyle, was the thought that if Levison were indeed the man, he could not be instrumental in bringing him to justice. “Bethel has denied to me more than once that he knew Thorn, or was aware of such a man being in existence,” observed Mr. Carlyle. “He must have had a purpose in it, the north face gloves n,” returned Mr. Dill. “They knew each other today. Levison recognized him for certain, although he carried it off with a high hand, pretending not.” “And it was not as Levison, but as Thorn, that Bethel cheap north face recognized him?” “There’s little doubt of that. He did not mention the name, Thorn; but he was evidently struck with astonishment at hearing that it was Levison. If they have cheap north face not some secret between them, Mr. Archibald, I’ll never believe my own eyes again.” “Mrs. Hare’s opinion is that Bethel had to do with the murder,” said Mr. Carlyle, in a low tone. “If that is their s womens north face den ecret, Be north face marketing thel knows the murderer, rely upon it,” was the answer. “Mr. Archt seems to me that now or never is the time to clear up Richard.” “Aye; but how set about it?” responded Mr. Carlyle. Meanwhile Barbara had proceeded home in her carriage, her brain as busy as Mr. Carlyle’s, perhaps more troubled. Her springing lightly and hastily out the moment it stopped, disdaining the footman’s arm, her compressed lips and absent countenance, proved that her resolution was set upon some plan of action. William and Madame Vine met her in the hall. “We have seen Dr. Martin, Mrs. Carlyle.” “And he says—” “I cannot stay to hear now, William. I will see you later, madame.” She ran upstairs to her dressing-room, Madame Vine following her with her reproachful eyes. “Why should she care?” thought madame. “It is not her child.” Throwing her parasol on one chair, her gloves on another, down sat Barbara to her writing-table. “I will write to himhave him here, if it be but for an hour!” she passionately exclaimed. “This shall be, so far, cleared up. I am as as sure can be that it is that man. The very action Richard described! And there was the diamond ring! For better, for worse, I will send for him; but it will not be for worse if God is with us.” She dashed off a letter, getting up ere she h cheap north face ad well begun it, to order her carriage round again. She would trust none but h north face jacket erself to put it in the post. “MY DEAR MR. SMITH—We want you here. Something has arisen that it is necessary to see you upon. You can get here by Saturday. Be in these grounds, near the covered walk, that evening at dusk. Ever yours, “B.” And the letter was addressed to Mr. Smith, of some street in Liverpool, the address furn womens north face den ished by Richard. Very cautions to see, was Barbara. She even north face outlet onl put “Mr. Smith,” inside the letter. “Now stop,” cried Barbara to herself, as she was folding it. “I ought to send him a five pound note, for he may not have the means to come; and I don’t think I have one of that amount in the house.” She looked in her secretaire. Not a single five-pound note. Out of the room she ran, meeting Joyce, who was coming along the corridor.