street, filling up the road! A lesser mob than that from which she had jcaped, but still, a mob, and all making for one point — the judge’s house! And he? She can see his carriage now. Held up for a moment by the crowd, it has broken through, and is rolling quickly towards Ostrander Lane. But the mob is following, and she is yet far behind. Shouting to the chauffeur to hasten, the insistent honk! honk! of the cab adds it nike air max turbulence s raucous note to the turmoil. They have dashed through one group;— they are dashing through another;— naught can withstand an on-rushing automobile. She catches glimpses of raised arms threatening retaliation; of eager, stolid, uncertain and furious faces — and her breath held back during that one instant of wild passage rushes pantingly forth again. Ostrander Lane is within sight. If only they can reach it!— if only they can cross it! But they cannot without sowing death in their track. No scattered groups here, the mob fills the corner. It is packed close as a wall. Brought up against it, the motor necessarily comes to a standstill. Balked? No, not yet. Opening the door, Deborah leaps to the ground and in one instant finds herself but a mote in this seethe of humanity. In vain her efforts, she cannot move arm or limb. The gate is but a few paces off, but all hope of reaching it is futile. She can only hold herself still and listen as all around are listening. But to what? To nothing. It is expec nike air max 97 tation which holds them all silent. She will have to wait until the crowd sways apart, allowing her to — Ah, there, some heads are moving now! She catches one glimpse ahead of her, and sees — What does she see? The noble but shrunk figure of the judge drawn up before his gate. His lips are moving, but no sound issues from them; and while those about are waiting for his words, they peer, with an insolence barely dashed by awe, at his white head and his high fence and now at the gate swerving gently inward under the hand of some one whose figure is invisible. But no words coming, a change passes like a stroke of lightning over the surging mass. Some one sho nike air max shop uts out COWARD! another, TRAITOR! and the lifted head falls, the moving lips cease from their efforts and in place of the great personality which filled their eyes a moment before, they see a man entrapped, waking to the horror of a sudden death in life for which no visions of the day, no dreams of the night, had been able to prepare him. It was a sight to waken pity not derision. But these people had gathered here in a bitter mood and their rancour had but scented the prey. Calls of “Oliver!” and such threats as “You saved h nike air max wright im at a poor man’s expense, but we’ll have him yet, we’ll ha nike air max 95 ve him yet!n to rise about him; followed by endless repetitions of the name from near and far: “Oliver! Oliver!” Oliver! His own lips seem cheap nike air max 90 ed to re-echo the word. Then like a lion baited beyond his patience the judge lifted his nike air max 97 head and faced them all with a fiery intensity which for the moment made him a terrible figure to contemplate. “Let no one utter that name to me here!” shot from his lips in tones of unspeakable menace and power. “Spare me that name, or the curse of my ruined life be upon you. I can bear no more to-day.” Thrilled by his aspect, cowering under his denunciation, emphasised as it was by a terrifying gesture, the people, pressing closest about him, drew back and left the passage open to the gate. He took it with a bound, and would h nike air max wright a nike air max light ve entered but that from the outskirts of the crowd where his voice had not reached, the cry arose again of “Oliver! Oliver! The of the rich go free, but ours have to hang!” At which he turned his head about, gave them one stare and fell back against the door. It yielded and a woman’s arms received him. The gentle Reuther in that hour of dire extremity, showed herself stronger than her mother who had fallen in a faint amid the crowd. Chapter 23 The Misfortunes of My House To one who swoons but seldom, the moment of returning consciousness is often fraught with great pain and sometimes with unimaginable horror. It was such to Deborah; the pain and horror holding nike air max 2003 her till he nike dunks high r eyes, accustomed to realities again, saw in the angel face which floated before her vision amid a swarm of demon masks, the sweet and solicitous countenance of Reuther. As she took this in, she took in other facts also: that there were no demons, no strangers even about her: That she and her child were comparatively alone in