XingBang ball mill world screen shine2012 China’s mining development has entered an important period of development According to Henan prosperous Heavy understand, the Chinese New Cone Crusher Year Gathering of the 2012 Chinese mining industry in Henan Province, said the current build-up of geological prospecting in China has been sounded

mining development into the momentum of inspiring our mining development has entered a critical period of development .While another source said that the National Mineral Resources Survey invested a total amount of 2.11 billion yuan to complete the verification of the national mining reserves of 28 of the oil, gas, coal, iron, copper and other minerals, and the first 21600 verification of theCone Crusher mining area of ??spatial databases.Minerals mining and processing related to the use of the crusher, sand making machine, and other mining machinery and equipment, mining development is entering an important phase, block machine this is cause for celebration for the entire crusher industry.
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This year is the 12th Five-Year Plan important nexus year, ball mill mining reform and development opportunities and challenges.In the countries at the same time great efforts to strengthen the development of mining, crushing machine business when a really good job block machine in their own preparation, designed to meet the public demand for products and equipment, for the benefit of social and economic development.Henan prosperous Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of crushers, mining machinery and equipment enterprises, enhance the quality of supervision on the production, the establishment of a complete set of quality supervision system, and strive to do the best equipment, so customers to use more assured.

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