e hath been most religiously educated, and that his mother is a saintly woman. So much I can depose from my own knowledge. For, if my Lord Bishop will pardon the remark, there were more masses at St. Germain’s than many about the Court would willingly a nike air max 90 current ttend. As for virtue, there have been rumours —— are there not rumours of every Prince? One must not repeat idle reports.’ ‘One would wish to know,’ said the Bishop, ‘if the Prince hath a martial bearing, and one which may encourage his followers. Let us remember the gallantry of Prince Rupert, and the cheerful courage of young King Hal at Agincourt.’ ‘I have never seen him,’ Lord Derwentwater replied, ‘with troops. I kuld show the cheerful courage of which your lordship speaks. That he is brave is well known. If he is less at home in camp than in his Court, we must thank the Queen, his mother, and the good priests, his instructors, who have made him, perhaps, fitter for heaven than for eauch doubt it,’ said the Bishop, with a smile. It was wonderful to think that here was a young gentleman who had actually been brought up with His Highness, and conversed with him, and was telling us about him. ‘Well,’ said the Bishop, ‘they may have made him fitter for the Mass than the march. Pity —— pity —— a thousand pities that nike air max 95 his father must needs throw away his crown for his creed —— your pardon, my lord —— when he had already, had he pleased, the ancient, yet reformed, Church of England. It likes me not. I would rather he were m nike air max 87 ore of a soldier and less of a priest. These things are well known to me already, but I wished that these gentlemen here also should hear them. For, believe cheap nike air max 90 me, all is not yet clear before us, my lord. I have watched the times for fifty years and more. The crowd hath shouted now for one side, and now for another; but never, s nike air max 90 current aving your lordship’s presence, have their greasy caps been tossed up for a Roman Catholic. And, even if the general opinion be true, and the voice of the country be for the young Prince, I am very certain that he will not win the English heart, and so secure his throne, unless he consent to change his religion.’ ‘It may be so,’ replied the Earl. ‘Yet sure I cheap nike air max 90 am that he will never change his religion.’ ‘Then,’ said the Bishop, ‘if he comes home this year, or next, the very next year after his priests will get him sent abroad again. We are a people who have religion much upon the lips —— and it is the Protestant religion —— but it hinders not the luxury of the rich or the vices of the poor. There are still liv nike air max 1 ing among us —— I say this in presence of you Catholic gentlemen —— those whose fathers and grandfathers have spoken with men and women who remembered the flames of Smithfield. Your lordship is young, but you will never —— I prophesy —— no, never —— see England so changed that she will look without jealousy and hatred upon a court of priests.’ ‘ nike air max 95 The King may surround himself, if he pleases, with Protestant advisers,’ said the Earl. ‘We of the old faith are content to sit at home in obscurity. Your lordship will not seek to burn us. We ask but toleration and our civil rights.’ The Bishop shook his head. ‘Will he be allowed?’ he asked. ‘Meantime, my lord, it does my heart good to see you —— still a young man and an Englishman —— no Frenchman —— back again among your own people. Trust me, you will be happier here than at St. Germain’s or Versailles. Believe an old man who was about the Court for nearly thirty years: it is an air which begetteth bad humours of the blood —— with jealousies, envies, and heartburnings. He who waiteth upon Princes must expect rubs such as happen not to quiet men. And, young man,’ he laid his hand upon the Earl’s shoulder, ‘listen not, I entreat you, to vapouring Irish captains or to Scotchmen disappointed of their pensions, or to nike air max 97 soured English Papists, or to those who have waited in antechamber till rage has seized their heart. Let us remain on the right side. Some day it will prevail. On that day the voice of the whole country will call their Sovereign home. It may be that they will make http://air-max-1-1.co.uk/him first embrace the faith as contained in the Thirty-nine Articles. Justice is mighty, and shall prevail. But, gentlemen, no http://air-max-1-1.co.uk/plots! And you, sir, as you are the nearest among us all to the throne, so be the most cautious. nike air max 90 Set the young hot heads of the north a good example. Gentlemen’ —— he rose, tall and majestic, with white waving locks and stooping shoulders, and his wife rose at the same time and gave him her arm ——‘my lords and ge women nike air max ntlemen, Anglican or Catholic, whether of the old or the reformed faith, I give my prayers for the rightful cause, and to all here the blessing of a Bishop. Yea!’—— he raised his tall figure to the full height, ‘the blessing of one who is a successor of the Apostles by unbroken and lineal descent and right divine!’ Lord Derwentwater bent a knee, and kissed the Bishop’s hand. Then the company parted right and left, bowing low, while the old Bishop, with his lady and her niece, left the room. Chapter 10 A Tender Conscience So, for prudence’ sake, and for carefulness, and to avoid the charges of an open house, we remaine