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In his view, only the mysterious WuHun, is his fundamental, about the mystery of the WuHun all secret, he cover tightly, not to tell anyone, will have been hidden in the deep heart.

And WuHun undead, but nothing bad to say, only will own the ability to recover TiaoMing, he can get more in stone house privilege, can let me arrange better direction of the science.

Double WuHun, enough to make me all of his wayward stand down.

Sure enough, the face me no displeasure, just some hesitation, hum a way: “you boy to the territory of congenital, uniting the xuan level protects the ethics, is not necessarily a good thing.

“I and general man? You can see, although I only of con  genital environment, can I the body in the second stage has petrochemical,……. In addition, I have other people no recovery capacity, and ordinary people can’t practice the xuan level, perhaps I could ethics.”

Give him so say, YiZheng me awhile, nods to say: “is also, go, I take you to see all three layer 4.”

A variety of strange ethics, display in groove, me standing at his side, as long as he found to the a more interested, he’ll explain this performance

Shizi couldn’t keep handstand, direct fell to the ground, sharply breathe heavily thick spirit.

Little bits invisible to the naked eye, should only be used the mind always singular negative breath, like one silk thread, crept up from his head out from the acupuncture points to fly.

The negative breath, in his mind in the clouds, tangled, like and his nerves hybrid.

In my mind, the piercing pain, instantly spread.

The force of pain like current, head out from above, pitched flocked to his body, will he was driven all the acupuncture points.

Just three short seconds!

In the body of the acupuncture points above all, there is thick negative breath scattered spill.

Those from the negative force acupuncture points, constantly in his body muscle ramble, slowly spread the flesh and blood of his whole body, bones, cells, and intestines.

The physical, seems to really have a series of current lapse, in addition to head remains the same pain outside, and his hands and feet, and has gradually began to shrink emaciated.

Light white mist, from his body in pore take out…… escape

Soon, round him, and there was a pale light fog circle, white mist has a bloodthirsty kill, and has a sensational evil power!

Until the whole body acupuncture points above, will be a variety of negative force scattered over after, he unexpectedly whole angular for a third.

Stood there, with a body albitite, filled with amazing murderous look, those murderous look to coagulate and do not come loose, around his body around, like essence.

Also at this time, he saw the pain of feeling, suddenly eerie vanish.

Open my eyes, shizi suddenly feel nervous become very sensitive, understanding  of the idea, calculating ability greatly enhance, even the speed of thinking like a lot faster.

He held his extremely calm state, the brain unprecedented awake!

The mind of the fine threads continuously negative breath, seem to mind the nerves and the wonderful combine together, let his body is becoming more sensitive!

Standing there, he can even feel the flesh and blood of negative force change can be clearly aware those changes, will bring many extra power.

This moment of him, as if in with a cold machine, no longer seemed to have human feelings, in the mind of the method of ZhuSha only opponent, how can only in the most efficient and fastest to the enemy and death.

At this time, he is undoubtedly very terrible!

The idea of all heart disorderly, are behind him outside the brain,  with the thought of killing only, brain in all the idea, based on the premise of fighting.

This moment of him, without a kindness, no longer consider any look, no concerns.


Shizi breathe heavily thick spirit, like a head bloodthirsty of fierce beast, gravity room murderous look in sinister, the eyes of the cold without a human feelings, be like looking for a target ZeRen and bite.


Heart suddenly and violently drink, shizi to the tenacity, on one of the white mist income in acupuncture points.

Suddenly cross legs sat down and he closed his eyes, restrained herself, in your mind vibram speed the idea of killing don’t store, in your mind the curling singular negative breath, slowly back to surge in the head of acupuncture points.

After a long time for a long time.

Shizi uniform expiratory, a suit of exhausted, slowly opened his eyes.

By this time, he has been resumed eyes clear and deep, no longer has the absolute cold in your eyes in the mind of the ice cold bloodlust.

The first heavy heeling day!

Until this moment, to know the real heeling et a heavy day, it is so a kind of state.