ed, the last day of than measures, may be behind

WuDou field.

Dozens of different realm practitioners, in a block of WuDou field smoke anger ups and downs, and is a fierce opponent of the fight. A series of bizarre ray of light, in WuDou

field in blossom out, like a snake in the WuDou games spirit wander over.

All kinds of strange ethics, in succession from the practitioners hand come out, and some more extremely strange, even five big family’s people are very surprised.

The house of stone buildings.

Et me standing in the side, all the different bright light, the sight constantly flap about, in a

WuDou field linger.

As the head of a family of me, always stand beside him, constantly for his explanations.

As long as he WuDou field in a combat show interest, setter shek kin will immediately say the warring parties roughly strength, the level of ethics, and the various skills,

tell him to face a rival, should adopt what kind of method, can the fastest win.

Stone upstairs, ShiTie also whispered to the sons WuDou field that the situation, will show more out of many details, indicates the ethics of advantage and disadvantage, and

tell them how rivals to encounter this win, such people weakness in any place.

Me and ShiTie, as the Lord of the family, ferial rarely spoke, but this time it is special columns, from WuDou will start, the two people mouth not idle.

Stone Dang took stone day in a loud, but also of the stone days roar, as of WuDou field someone

pointing fingers, stone day squealing nod from time to time, occasionally silence of asking questions.

Some of the stone from outside the home consecrate, including those of the family’s player, in observing the stone floor of the privately, see me above spare no efforts to

explain, in the heart is secretly curiosity.

“Old mad, the little doll is who? Why the master of the house would be so with all my heart?” Is long standing in HanFeng side, and observed the for a while,

secretly thrill, pointing to the shizi inquired.

Is long also offering of stone house, nirvana a heavy day to  the practice of the territory for,

had been in other cities stationed, do not know the things above, so take care of me seeing albitite, to feel extremely strange.

“That is the master rock.” HanFeng facial expression indifference, glances at is long one eye, light way: “is often not at home before, like in each place

search sites that a young master, well, YangHai and miss sunny child.”

“Be not?”

Is a long face surprised, odd way: “that is not the master of the martial way never? As far as I know, he had all over in some strange things, and never will be the idea

put in the practice of the martial way? How can the master of the house on the appreciation of this one guy?”

“Rock is no longer the master before……. Young rock”

HanFeng slightly squint, light way: “after master rock if you do, you’d better do your best, to you didn’t harm.” HanFeng although know many, but breeze but very

tight, if it weren’t for is long and his hand, he even this a remind all lazy said.

Is long also know HanFeng temper, listen to HanFeng so say, his face a jayastartled, leng good for a while, just nod gently.

Although he is full of doubt in the heart, but realize that this young master is absolutely is home to the Lord favor, secretly decided to find opportunities to more after and

shizi to close.

In addition to is long, there were many other stone house near the sacrifice and is in the side quietly asked, want to know what happened to me, why will all of the energy, in

such a unknown boy body.

Soon the identity of the above and clear, the 17 years never be special treatment of a master, instantly became the focus of the stone’s character.

“Grandpa, little rock really became? Have congenital practitioners triple the territory of fix for the day?” Stone day in ShiTie stood beside ke, seeing all the mind

me on the above body, finally unbearable for questioning.

ShiTie glance at there one eye, gently nods to say: “good, this boy, et up really magical entered the innate triple day, this time the territory of the WuDou will, he may

also be war.”

ShiTie this period of time, the idea on the three grandchildren body, for the above unclear, he only knew that does have the family WuHun albitite, also became a congenital

triple day the territory of practitioners.

However, the relevant WuHun above the singular, but he did not know, he was also some strange, cheap christian louboutin

think for me to the attention of the above, it is a bit too much.

But he also didn’t want to think more. After all, but when his eldest brother albitite grandson, stone day and not be screaming, now suddenly a reach triple day of the

territory of congenital albitite, he ought to me this is excited in the head, but don’t know this is because have a double WuHun albitite, and one of the petrochemical WuHun,

still magical breakthrough by the second stage.

“Day this year, this time the meteorite the WuDou will, should be up to you to war. The last days of ink ke loses, you this can’t loss to the ink war, or other people to be

my home three generations of no one stone!” ShiTie told side stone day so young..