We Red Star produce ‘Red card’ machine which is named ‘China famous brand. Sand washing machine is the key equipment in the sand blasting equipment, sand washing machine industry is also one of the fastest construction machinery industry in our country. Now China’s sand washing machine has batch walked into the international market, but due to the lack of the correct guidance, reasonable planning, strict supervision of the industry, sand washing machine market is still a long-term task to overtake the advanced international level.

The prosperity of the market make many enterprise blindly be into washing sand industry in the 1990 s. Lacking of the correct guidance, reasonable planning, strict supervision of the market is not a sound market. A large of examination and approval, check and acceptance, approval, slack opened the door for inferior products to enter the market, at the same time, has enormous impacts for normal product. Because of lacking long-term planning and abundant capital, some small and medium-sized construction enterprise took a flyer on low technical content, cheap sand washing machine. If the management is also not perfect, security construction production will have great hidden dangers.

From technical strength look, most domestic enterprise is still in imitation stage of milling equipment; the ability of independent innovation needs to strengthen. Compared with other advanced countries, there is a certain gap between technical strength. From product structure view, because of the technical ability limited, sand washing machine is not perfect on the product structure, is not rich on the model.

In order to get out of the situation, Henan Hongxing Mine Machinery Co., LTD increases the investment about technical research and development department. We also need to develop the field of vision, continuously innovate, speed up the upgrading of product quality, improve the machine series, push the enterprise information, realize the internationalization of the market.

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