The Ark looking at a pair of slender, energetic, and can even see because Quanqi legs is rounded, eye candy, stared trance. The Ark is with excitement and look forward to even some uneasy feeling set foot on the Go Qin Qing Ning City Dist, or the Lin Yaying right, if only telephone contact, a little call to go Oh not pay enough attention to the way you must personally a trip. But Ark could not understand why the mood is at sixes and sevens, ah, perhaps the flight crew technology, however, the whole was the plane shake to and fro to go. The secretary of the ark around not only looks pretty, or some professionalism, fully prepared before his departure, get a thick stack of materials Ark with Ark How can mind to take a closer look, know Qin Qing Ning which the city into as Qin Qing Ning was there advertising endorsements, drive past Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System still there.

Although a person mobilized along the way is not lonely, mind over and over again is to want to and Qin Qing pour together time, and even had a lot of fantasy, the more they want to feel more complex, time flies, then quickly got off the plane. Ark stood outside the airport, a long breath, it seems that even here can feel the breath of Qin Qing Ning, and then touch the heart quaked like the beginning of a naive teenager in town. Then a cab to the hotel reservation lay down their luggage, to Lin Yaying Clarisonic Brush Heads at a cry peace, hand-rolled material, the material is very fine indeed, actually Qin Qing Ning itinerary and the specific location where, do not feel fatigue, immediately called the car drive past. Than to imagine the smooth, but the site is now off than imagined difficulties because the building where Qin Qing Ning is impossible to make people go, it touches around the outside of Starchaser sufficient to explain the popularity of the Qin Qing Ning, obviously can not see anything , all of them craned his neck to look obsessed expectations, really crazy, but also busy enough.

The Ark grew more and more want to laugh, not originally intended to quiet sound to give a surprise, but why things are not so easy, the whole to meet with a related prohibitively like. Limited Edition Clarisonic Mia do not worry, anyway, really bad phone contact, and pretty soon there will be an advertising banner will inside the building, then mix into the total to see the beauty side. The smoke pumping a few mouthfuls, the crowd outside more and more, remember cameraman, are Starchaser, men and women are old and less dense mass of a sally, I’m afraid the ancient imperial touring, crowd The masses did not so exaggerated. The Ark started getting worried, so many people of this posture is another big site itself could not contain the ah, under an emergency to get together the crowd, this time came out of the building where many of the staff, a chest to the belly of the stack, were not old kind of blessing, it appears that a small leader, far from the crowd began to finger Oh, as if to catch a sheep.


Ark is now not only anxious, and some panic, the inside is not to document what the or else Paihao? If he did not expect to go. The heart of a panic began to think bad idea, find a way to people who five six small head is not the fool in the corner, and then knocked stripping of chest passes, and then openly go, ah, the idea is feasible . Then to look around Rendui really have to see it several that small head, eyes twinkling, most of the same idea and turn their own, alas, in rivers and lakes to go call people angry is indeed a sin. Is this time, behind screaming called that throat stretched the truth slip, is clearly meant to brag: Hello, Clarisonic Mia said gentlemen, gave Cheap Clarisonic Sale let let, did not see Cheap Clarisonic Sale carrying machine, chaotic squeeze, let let let let.

Ark heart I thought, pushed him, just take small head hit faint idea too violent a point, and now the world is the theme of peace, all good peaceful settlement, thinking about a wad of bills out of his pocket, the volume into a cylinder, wore round the waist of the head, smiled and said: This friend, trouble spots something. Waist and round head feel, nor looked down, staring at the Ark: What can you wore Clarisonic Mia 2? Ark with a smile: look, look. Round head really fee to persuade looked down, only a waist immediately been laughed with Buddha-like: not want Cheap Clarisonic Sale let take you in? Ark while the notes into his pocket Cypriot side nodded. Round head does not say anything, just head crooked crooked, regarded as agreed, the Ark will be behind him, is pretty smooth, really mixed in.. Into the walkway inside the quiet, the Ark big mouth and call the gas, listen to a round head chattered: Cheap Clarisonic Sale do not care about your money, Cheap Clarisonic Sale this sympathetic Cheap Clarisonic Sale groupies is not easy .

Ark smiled: It is not easy carrying such a heavy guy, and no one to help. Does have Clarisonic Outlet Store This is an advanced seats and seize territory, the other is on the outside. Oh, why not come in one? Ark Anjiao luck, if not he is no longer so easy to follow the sneak. Other people is not easy, check out the location, the Miss Qin Qingning from where come in, and from where to exit, touch go to blocking the interview. Ark nodded, this toss, the addition of a layer of emotion, but because of what the emotion, and emotion, not tell. Round head glanced sidelong at an Ark, Yiliaoyisheng: strange, Cheap Clarisonic Sale this person seems to know you from somewhere? Ark prepared openly said: Qin Daming star rumored boyfriend is not like a lot of people are saying. Right, right, made him look like.