In triage, a health provider should be able to prioritize patients with different conditions in order to maximize the number of lives saved in the most efficient time. This is the core principle of an emergency room set up. An emergency room nurse is responsible for the assessment and recognition, as well as putting together an effective intervention for a patient who is at a critical or life threatening phase of trauma or illness. To be able to be qualified for the position of an emergency room nurse, a licensed nurse must be able to have a certification of Advanced Cardiac Life Support and some institutions even require an experience in a general medical surgical ward.

Certain people have to sit their ACLS certification as it is required by their employer. But others want to sit the advanced exam to prove that they are committed to their position and looking for career advancement. Having your BLS and ACLS certification on your resume should put your application to the top of the pile if you are interested in interviewing for a position in the ER or high dependency or cardiac care units. Employers like employees that show initiative and are willing to study in their spare time.

Nursing is a hard job. A registered nurse has to know everything from the science of starting an IV to the different drug interactions found in patients, to the symptoms of hundreds of diseases. Holistic nursing involves taking care of the whole patient and makes for a very long day. Add to that the fact that the average hospital floor nurse has 6 patients per shift and needs to meet all their needs, and you can see why nurses are always on the move. However, most nurses report great satisfaction with their work. Financially, registered nurses are well compensated.

Other similar causes might lead to heart attacks. Among them we should remember the tightening of the coronary artery that reduces or even stops the blood flow to the heart, drug intake, emotional stress, exposure to cold or even smoking or drinking.

From Where to Get Certification: American Red Cross, American Heart Association, National Safety Council and American Safety and Health Institute are some of the reputed options through which you can get a CPR certification. Furthermore local hospitals and health departments can also suggest from where such courses can be taken. At times such training is also sponsored by employers, and you must check on such options too.

The critical changes in online ACLS Tennessee training are derived from the 2010 American Heart Association guiding principles that govern cardiopulmonary revival and emergency cardiac care. For you to earn an ACLS certification Tennessee card, you are required to have full knowledge and understanding of all the basic life support skills such as how to use an AED, how to use a bag-mask device and effectual chest compressions. Other aspects covered in the ACLS Tennessee course include early detection and best management of respiratory attacks and cardiac arrests.

This life saving device is very simple and easy to operate. It uses audio and visual prompts to give and illustrate instructions to the rescuer. After the machine is turned on, the rescuer will be prompted attach two adhesive electrodes to the the victim’s chest. The AED will begin to monitor the victim’s heart rhythm. If a shockable rhythm is detected, the machine will charge itself and instruct the rescuer to either press the shock button or stand clear of the victim.

These acls online simulator provide many different options to the medical professionals. The most important facility provided by acls online simulator is that of free printer-friendly versions of the exams are also made available so that you can print the exam out. This would help the people who are preparing for the exam to study for it even when they are away from computer.

In 1947 defibrillation was used to save a human life. From the comfort of your home, you can, hence, enjoy your ACLS online renewal course.
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