Realize the volume buying power of wholesale T-Shirts with bulk purchases for your retail, group, screen-printing or individual needs. Bulk T-Shirt providers pass along maximum savings to customers by purchasing slight irregulars.


Slight irregulars are garments with minor imperfections caused during manufacturing. These are not glaring defects like rips and tears (those are called ‘seconds’), but rather minor shade or spec issues that produce products other than what the initial purchaser intended to order. Most defects cannot be detected by the naked eye and affect neither the appearance nor the feel of a piece of clothing. To ensure that you are receiving only the best of the off-quality grades, make sure your wholesaler has a comprehensive certification process.

A good example of a strong certification for off-quality apparel comes from The Adair Group, who are a third-generation family-owned business with over fifty years of wholesale apparel experience. The Adair Group’s TAGCERTIFIED process consists of:

  • Buying in truckloads direct from qualified manufacturers and never from other distributors
  • Only buying from manufacturers who perform a multi-step grading process of their irregulars, and then purchasing only the top grade of that process
  • Refusing seconds (lower-quality off-quality grades that may have holes)
  • Performing a quality control process
  • Unfolding and visually inspecting a significant percentage of each shirt shipment
  • Examining every Internet order before it is shipped
  • Money back or replacement guarantee for any unacceptable shirts a customer receives

Manufacturers make mistakes, we all do, but their mistakes can be your gain. When a product is rejected by the original buyer, it loses the full contracted value and becomes a burden to the manufacturer, or excess inventory at best. This is just like when you go to a restaurant and the waitress brings you something different from what you ordered. That food can’t be sold again because of health and sanitation issues. Wholesale T-shirt suppliers take that inventory off the manufacturer’s hands for a fraction of the cost, and pass those savings on directly to the consumer.

Of course, wholesalers also have an entrepreneurial attitude and natural ability to make lemons out of lemonade. There’s no reason to worry about a load of slightly off-color T-shirts once you use them as a vehicle for tie dye shirts.Blank T-Shirts are also readily available for bulk purchases. These can be used as bases for screen printed t-shirts, simple color-coded uniforms for recreational sport leagues, group visibility for large organizations (like making every child on a field trip wear the same yellow shirt), or virtually any number of possibilities.

If you’re looking to outfit a large number of people, maintain your retail stock or simply to save money on bulk apparel purchases, wholesale suppliers are the best bet for your money.

Chris Gaffney

The Adair Group is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale t-shirts and apparel in the United States. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Adair Group is a third generation family-owned business with over fifty years of experience.