The force of the powerful degree read god than north hades are stronger more than one injury the two chips, have put the whole day are covering the meteorite city, and continue to go to the trend of spreading.

At that time, the five big family’s ace sackings, in this sensitive moment, the chief of the fathers of the Lord in all this information, don’t know exactly what to do to misty cabinet.

For god continues to live…

The god of terror as a tornado general, dimly discernible cabinet as the center, swept through the whole day meteorite city, god knows a trail of, all the days of the city from the meteorite creatures of but, 11 is explored it again.


Blood JingNa spirit wounding 4 shoot, a series of singular points of light gathering up, a fat, face suddenly in blood JingNa appear spirit.

Blood JingNa clear pictures of the spirit.

-the man in the days of the wild west meteorite city, in a horse-drawn carriage, seems to be getting to day the meteorite encountered.

Shaw used clothes suddenly opened his eyes.

“Who was he?”

“Me, YangHai adopted son!” KuLuo face a change, a full face is incredible.

“He’s the one.”

Shaw used clothes quickly stood up, and figure out within the cabinet disappear.

 the outside of the pavilion, dimly discernible came.

An hour later, the shaw used clothes with a YangHai looking confused, to return to.

“Who are you? Huh? Please of the mohist school is?” YangHai is calm, but when he saw KuLuo after, is a face to change, nu way: “KuLuo! You dimly discernible cabinet have mohism and joined up with a? You up to??????? We three not cooperation to find treasure map yao, you exactly want to do?”

KuLuo a wry smile, embarrassing ZuoYi, “two different things, two different things.”

“Yang’s family who fix blood his guard shaw used clothes, seen the sea young man.” Shaw used clothes and bending down a ritual, way: “there are some things the young master, I don’t know the sea for you that uncertainty.”

Xiao BuKangBuBei used clothes, will that a section on YangHai secret Michael essien explained again, after the way: “sea young master, the master of the house at this time is the fourth in the pass with chaos, so I sent my come to pick you up. When the master of the house back with big mana, tore his vanity will you pass sent out from the heart, mind you, but it has been a home fourth demon came out and taken seriously, and also have all these years in recovery…… austerity”

“Endless sea? Family?” YangHai face a startled, eyes bewildered, seems to be at that time can not accept.

He stood there, his face was constantly changes, a series of idea in mind flash across.

By this time, he suddenly remembered some time ago and in the room above gravity cheap christian louboutin shoes that test, that time, his arm was struck a knife, but in HanFeng recovery before the same, this is obviously a very severe of WuHun.

Now listen to xiao used clothes so say, he almost certainly not the other person says was rigged.

But, he had used to ShangMeng, all these years to me he is thin, et son also here, his own and is not practitioners…

With various concerns, YangHai thoughts and heavy, and don’t want to go to sea to start a new life in endless.

After a long time for a long time, YangHai shook his head. “I don’t want to go to the sea, my whole life without endless uniting the martial way, even if an undead, age WuHun so big, too late. I’m used to it here, also don’t want to go to the endless sea there start over, you go, just when I’m dead.”

“The young master!” Shaw used clothes with a light drink, sink a track: “as a family, when for family to play for the demon!”