cheap nike shoes uppers are basically plastic imitation snakeskin knit the covering of plastic knit as draws snakeskin design, in motion and will not produce more wrinkles and affect the foot feels, the whole shoe will be automatically with the deformation of the foot twisted to form a hard plastic shoe covers fibers because of their toughness but can not be exaggerated vamp deformation, both served to protect the foot injury, but that the role of sub-distortion, and will not hinder the user’s own resilience and foot during exercise any reasonable action Jordan 20 on behalf of a pair of classic shoes continuity and future of the whole shoes with the latest concepts and techniques, branding out of this pair of classic shoes extraordinary mystery of life, while the technology is used in full-grain leather combined with advanced Nubuck textured design, using the latest style ankle coating systems with The adhesive tape on the tongue with each other to become a complete 360-degree protection system, with full protection at the heel Memory foam insole, so your feet moving in any intense can be the most complete protection. motorcycle tire material outsole design, into the Jordan soles each generation characteristics, but also provides grip. Jordan 21 generation Jordan 2006 another peak and it works to continue to use twenty-generation IPS cushion, and more in one hind paw layer ZOOM, and the sole use of the spiral lines with double sole pattern, play super good non-slip effect. Jordan 21 generation of basketball shoes from the shape of the design continues the series simple sub-grid Jordan, the entire pair of shoes sense of flow lines full, high ankle and inner ankle boots can provide good protection.


Nike Air Jordan XXI Jordan 21 generation of basketball shoes in the end with a large area of the carbon plate, and reduce the arch part of the outsole material, reduce weight , can provide a good balance. Jordan 22 on behalf of: IPS this technology was first used in the AIR JORDAN 20 who, after two years of adjustment, AIR JORDAN 22 IPS at  system is basically the body has reached the best state, in the three pairs with the IPS system in the AIR JORDAN shoes, AIR JORDAN 22 is the best pair of foot feeling coupled with titanium plates in charge of anti-reverse, making these shoes able to combine comfort and protection, weight is also very Light Jordan 23 generations: it is designed to minimize waste and use of solvent-based adhesives. Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) insoles back automatically to promote the quality of the coating process is completed by the highly efficient robot arm to ensure The quality of the coatings and components, fastness and durability. outsole uses environmentally preferred rubber that reduces toxics and incorporates Nike Grind material, which is made ??of waste generated during the manufacture of soles made ??from.


shoe structure emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly materials, and the vamp after two tire pressure bed in the shoe last, so that the shape of shoe uppers shape exactly. carbon fiber shank plate material increase in important parts of the structure and support. performance TPU insoles to increase stability and support. 2, the product brand ? Brand ? brand philosophy Olympic frustration and hard work actively to follow, shortcuts aggressive materials revolution and challenge themselves three, well designed product design , advanced technology, avant-garde thinking , plus a selection of material, composed of both aesthetic and practical shoes. two, Price house wronged, regain lost ground corporate culture, full of inspiration to take the initiative, leading consumer word, and go all out bionic philosophy, shine sensitive to touch, Events Innovations Jordan basketball shoes series is based on the use of materials and quality, brand, transportation and other costs, and scientific and effective sales plan pricing. three, Place 1, has been positioned to collect customer information or consumer groups 2 to the monopoly shop, concession counters at the core sales; 4, for online shopping community networks: (1), NIKE online store (2), purchasing sites such as eBay, Taobao, etc.; 5, a sound service system four, Promotion Promotion 1, Marketing: the use of company employees to the mall to sell or to sell on the network; 2, the use of sports channels, sports website promotion; 3, using sports stars do their own brand advertising; 4, through the sponsorship of sporting events (such as basketball, Cup and the Olympics) to promote their brands and products; 5, through their own products at trade fairs or their own activities to promote corporate culture .