In the lotus tower in, show a gap, that than normal silver s & # 232; Demon big five or six times the demon insect insect, has a series on the decorative pattern of beautiful, mysterious decorative pattern, seems to have a kind of magical charm, can let a person spirit of destruction.

Staring at the crystal lotus tower wait-and-see those practitioners, looking at the demon worm shell’s mysterious decorative pattern, the eyes suddenly trance up.

All kinds of energy beams of light, suddenly in the crystal of lotus tower above ji ? o knit up.

As long as watching the decorative pattern more than ten seconds to practitioners, between instantly crazy up and suddenly toward the side practitioners laid a hand on him, not all dead attacks.

heads nodding in crystal lotus tower above come out, and it has two they s & # 232; The xi ? o eyes, as big as soybeans, including sh & # 232; The ice cold green light, filled with bloodthirsty mood.

“Carrion demon king of the worm! After the monster beast!”

ZhaoFeng suddenly shrieked, eyes afraid, hurried to the distant dodge to spread.

Surrounding practitioners, hear ZhaoFeng’s scream, and proceeded to a variable s & # 232; , such as see ghosts, subconscious away from the crystal lotus tower.

Heaven the swirling detail of the carrion demon worm, in that a huge monster worms from crystal within lotus tower drill out later, become more bloodthirsty crazy, seems to have more power, and in all the defoliation, absorb energy speed becomes more and more quickly.

In the swamp though kung fu practitioner, yet no one more than a day of creation, and the tem monster beast, but could be compared to the human side of god practitioners!

8 this monster beast carrion demon king of a worm detection, all people panic, really beginning to mind fear.

8 the monster beast carrion demon king of the worm, but carrion demon insect princes, not only has a carrion demon worm’s x & # 236; Ng, can suck all kinds of energy, can chew food r & # 242; U body, and extremely terrible j ? ng god ability.

This monster insect a appears, the above the swamp, curl up with a tear of j ? ng god brain wave out.

Each of the general practitioners, in this kind of j ? ng god fluctuations under, are shaking unceasingly, some state of less, but also by those j ? ng god of the impact of the fluctuation is mixed lu & # 224; N, seven holes blood to flow, morphology was terrible.

ZhaoFeng and the squat practitioners, this monster worms in the WangXianShen later, also can’t continue to lotus tower near the crystal, a rapid dodge spreads, lest leave of late, will be the demon king of the worm to pursuing.

By this time, ZhaoFeng also no time remind albitite, absorbed in their protective.

Coat and red clouds, in that strong j ? ng god fluctuation is by and mind, astonishing, face s & # 232; Pale avoid to spread.

Who would dare to stay in crystal within 50 meters around the lotus tower, only one kind of people-the king of the demon insect influence the crazy!

The mind by j ? ng god fluctuations, have lost the rational person, in the crystal surrounding the lotus tower, is still in the fight each other no consciousness.

No consciousness, don’t know pain, only know blindly kill, and this fight the most brutal bloody.

In under the gaze of all, those who lose reason practitioners, in a very short period of time, a then die in the hands of a rival, death have a shape of the miserable.

Or take the body, or torn limb, either from a abruptly worms and died.

How often do, in the crystal surrounding the lotus tower, has not see a live there’s reason of practitioners.

Only crystal lotus tower central and one standing, still didn’t move.

That is above.

In the crystal lotus tower above, surprisingly, his body has  not the numberless submerged the monster worms come, just want to take him to chew before the devil into dross worm, this time around he side, unexpectedly has no casting up again.

His feet, there are countless bunches of carrion demon worm, there is no lack of among them those silver s & # 232; Devil worm, but these monster worms, right now are very volatile of, not like to see that killing prey to come forward.

Right in front of him, that a huge carrion demon king of the worm, two green faint xi ? o eyes, is watched him.

Also look to it albitite.

Like a silent ji ? o streams what.

“Give me a drop of your blood.”


“I can evolution.”

Why do I give you? ”

“My body has your blood, I will serve you give priority to, but you must give me that blood, blood cheap christian louboutin that can let me continue to evolve, to enter the new life down level.”

“How many do you need?”

“A month, give me a drop of is enough.”

“You can for me to do?”

“What all can do for you.”

Looking at it silently albitite, feeling comes from its j ? ng thought god, look weird and clinking.