Home to the left home from stone, most are busy ShangJie, out of the crowd, a see come is stone horse home, they get out of the way, let’s do a stone active first.

It ShiTie, dark look, in the heart is trying for a while how to and left empty talk about dealing with ling’s thing.

Gradually, ShiTie a line of eight, came to a place not very busy streets.

This street is ShiGuHe left home, and between the old crowd though few, but also will have small vendor haunts, selling some daily necessities.

Today, the street is not a peddler, courty streets.

ShiTie pour also didn’t care, the most recent period day meteorite  from peaceful city, even many civilians during the day can’t flap about, here this is not busy blocks, no area is normal.

Riding on horses, a group of people up to the central streets soon.

Suddenly a change ShiTie complexion, facial expression suddenly LengLi down.


To the side of the street a stone building, suddenly burst to open, and pieces of stone micropipette size, flying in the air, crashing down on the ShiTie.

At the same time, next to the street forth emitted a few word figure. An eagle toward the general ShiTie to fly.

A series of thick long boat lightning, as if the LongAo empty, crystal light 4 excessive, toward the ShiTie cover to pledge.

Space tricky contraction, a strange circle, such as giant nets general from all directions to cover, will this street area all blockade!

ShiTie heart in a cold, suddenly and violently drink a way: “ink tuo! LingJue!….,

Lightning such as dragon, thick as personal. Stretch for meters, ward as nets, blockade of space, this article a quiet neighborhood, sudden very dangerous!

“Magnificent and boom!”

ShiTie body petrochemical, the territory of nirvana of strength to  peak operation. A series of glittering and translucent light from his body blasting shooting up, those in all directions to smash hit the stone in succession.

“Banging, and bang!

The stone floor around, a then a crush, more fly out of stone, such as the ShiTie went toward.

Curling light purple light smoke, in the stone floor crush of time, suddenly spread from the spill, with spiritual general, together to ShiTie around.

Hold your breath ShiTie strokes, heart horror, nu way: “cloth bo! I ShiGuHe you are!”

.. you stone house not have that capacity, you’re also will soon die. ,, poison people cloth bo’s voice, snake came as faint, cold voice is full of disdain.

Whereas the light smoke, cover to come over, will ShiTie line of people over all.

And ShiTie coming together of the stone house escort, all have the hook, status of the condition to fix for, although already held his breath, still cannot resist the those purple light smoke attacks, the skin in the instant the lavender, a facial expression pain and clinking, only sleep a little worm millions in gnawed their body.

Bellow, these stone in the home guard down. The flesh fast rot.

After ShiTie of petrochemical, in those light purple poison under the fog, face has become light purple, acid and flax, hand and foot gradually didn’t force.

“Hum! Just nirvana of creation, also want to compete. The poison of I smoke, carrion, was reckless.” Cloth bo gloom sound, and slowly from one place from the apartment building stone.

(I, as, as!

A series of ink released by the electric dragon, continual bombardment in mbt outlet ShiTie body, at the same time, the LingJue released by the circle, also took the opportunity to casting up, will ShiTie body shackled.

An eagle general mohism, ling home player, and all piled in, will ShiTie firmly surround.

A dodge light flashing numerically, with the rays with salts, and a take-off shooting up, like raindrops fall to ShiTie’s body.

Dozens of word surge of offensive, hit ShiTie covered with sores addiction, petrochemical WuHun are not even against, all dressed in blood.


Ink tuo finally appeared, the higher the level ShiTie than him, carrying a knife wound silver hammer of lightning, was fired on the ShiTie flesh.

“Click click!”

ShiTie was broken broken bones, seven holes bleeding, the vitality of the body is a little to lift off.

., boom! ,,

Facial expression such as general ShiTie spectre, magnificent body suddenly fell, the body becomes a rotten meat, quick to rot.

LingJue from the shade slowly walked out, cool looking at is ? rotten ShiTie, light way:

., ShiTie dies, less a setter shek kin arms, the following deal with stone house would be easier. ”

Ink tuo a face of joy, hands up the silver hammer and a record, bombardment in ShiTie skull. Will ShiTie his brains out to play to the guru.

“I want to stone house all week for my son! ShiTie death don’t, just start! It’s not over, ink, look! The grotesque way of.