(brother, ink, I think we ought to XiaoBei marriage done, hey hey, the stone house, we can do a blessing, don’t you think this is more interesting point?, LingJue YinSun, out of the idea.

“Good!, tola, ink roar,” the man, will ShiTie bones put up for a while, let others to stone house, just say I give stone house sent gift. ZhuShi home all play live,

Ha ha ha! ”

Dead over the swamp.

Sitting in six levels above the monster beast green blood on the bat, next to fix the king shaw used clothes look indifference, with his eyes closed in like asceticism a in the flesh turn stirred.

WangXiao used clothes of uniting the blood in fix meshach way, seems to influence people around the body blood, shizi sat beside him

Straight feel uneasy, the blood in the body by some control, as if want to break open poured out of flesh.

Shaw used clothes seemed to realize the above different shape, suddenly opened his eyes, smiled, way:

“Rock master, I blood evil spirit way some heavy-handed, to others also has effect on blood, you and I can sit together, still want to caution some good.

Ha ha, if rock young master uncomfortable, can change a green strygwyr bat, how? ,,

C embarrassed, smiles to say: “we can say good, and I have a  day beat you, you…,,

“In that day again!!!!!” Before shizi say that finish, summer heart yan was interrupted, ao however way: “but, I think I couldn’t wait for the other day! Hum, you in progress. Don’t I just step back? Now you progress rapidly, wait for you to break through the territory to”, you will find the state wants to break through will more and more difficult, hope then you still have such arrogance heroism…

“Don’t worry, I won’t let heart yan you long… A, et a heart yan..” shout of that call a cheerful, like summer and heart yan is childhood playmate general, not a bit outside.

Summer without heart yan looks, the mind is intelligent and elegant nobility, the figure is a perfect, so gourmet beauty, but life only albitite, not to be tempted to say that is false.

Because both sides before gap is too big, but can’t show it is albitite, now he saw the dawn, nature is gradually exposed.

That summer was he a heart shes like a “heart yan,, crying out to be afraid of, ruthlessly stare at him, tapped on green strygwyr bat.

The green strygwyr bat speed YiHuan abruptly, slowly down to the rear, and shizi pulled open a great distance.

Also don’t care albitite, turn deeply look her one eye, the eyes of the stark possessive desire, a little frankly.

“Good boy!.. shaw used clothes from the great a, down voice way:”  this woman you really can do the trick, the family will be very good, I support you! Can spend bit of idea! ,,

., the trust and common heart. “Shizi smiled calmly, the different light shining eyes, even shaw used clothes don’t know what he wants to.

At this time, screaming from outside, a little while, a stone house practitioners to anger monstrous way: “ling home, mohism sent people brought the invitations, said LingShaoFeng tonight and ink YanYuCheng pro, invite… invited the master of the house has a past.,.

“Invitations!, the several desire to me, gas, vomiting blood rage way:” I and they spell! ”

“Xiao uncle, I let them two rivers of blood, let them become mourning! Happy, look back, et, ferocious, licked the corners of the mouth is a face of cruelty.

“Little things one.” Shaw used clothes smiled, (I tonight, let day city into a meteorite fix slaughter it. First destroy ling home, mohism, again will solve the one-off north hades home run, also province trouble…

Left empty a face of consternation, dull to look at xiao used clothes.

E. Grandpa, green blood on the bat, we immediately kill bullying on home. Tonight, LingGuHe the thoughts of masters, should be in ling home, just catch them all! ,, Yin and complete way albitite.

“They?” Summer xiao leng leng ground to looking at me, time don’t know what to say.

“Own people.

.. explain a albitite freely, take the lead in the summer on the six shaw green strygwyr bat to press a way: “a man of creation of the above family stone, find their own green strygwyr bat sat down, three big family, wash tonight!..

Stone house line of people, first, a face of astonishment immediately rushed go green strygwyr outraged bat to walk.

“Who fix, control the blue blood, let they combine strygwyr made a little.” Shaw said the light summer a smile befuddled setter shek kin way: “stone the master of the house, I should also master the origin of the sea and you said you will master the raise, and recognized cheap christian louboutin shoes him to do YiZi, is I part of a family, it to help you!,.

A body shock me, drink a way: “thank you!”

“The monster beast, to kill the bullying home!, violence with a drink, et.” blood will have blood! Tonight, we let three people together to two grandpa

Ha ha, YanYuHai in bridal chamber and I, today to Zheng less disrespect, one step ahead. “LingShaoFeng hand gift, ruddy complex-ion of own house/apartment from catering to leave, steps towards the bridal chamber and cheerful.

A little while, LingShaoFeng to bridal chamber, a soon on his head covering the red ink YanYu.

“YanYu, tonight you is my……. You know I wait a day how long?” LingShaoFeng stepped forward, uncover the red ink YanYu covering, looking at the moving of the ink YanYu namby-pamby, eyes filled with excitement crush.

Today’s YanYu ink, little a few minutes of the past deserted, some more charm is gorgeous, placed a fair. Face be suffused with red, beautiful eyes contain light affair.

“Little peak, you have to promise me, must will stone. I had no family, but died in stone, you married family hands I will reach the matter. For me.” Ink YanYu soft track o

“Stop worrying, stone house jumped up to a few days, after tonight, we two together, will be a big move. LingShaoFeng nodded, smiling,, timethe affection leisurely way:” YanYu, you is my business, in order to you. I would do anything, you see, I YangHai dare to move, the sincerity can stay sun ah. ,,

“Well, you know to me.” Ink YanYu gently nodding.