In the stone production line, crushers are the indispensible equipment and also the important material crushing machines. Then how can the customers choose stone crushing equipment in a more proper way? Next, we will analyze it from the following three aspects:

(1) Features of the raw materials:

The hardness, granular composition, mud content and water content are very important parameters. For this reason, for different raw materials, the customers should choosing different crushing and screening machines.

When the raw materials are very hard, generally speaking, jaw crusher and cone crusher are often used as primary crushers; and when the raw materials are not very hard, the customers can choose impact crusher as primary crusher.

The granular composition of the raw materials also influences the general parameters. As for the rocks produced by exploding in the quarry yard, the customers should choose primary crusher according to the biggest granularity of the rocks; as for sand-cobble raw materials, the selection of primary crusher should be based on grading curve and the pre-screening machines should be equipped; when the mud and water content of the raw materials is high, wet crushing and screening flow should be considered. In general, the customers should choose the technological flow of the equipment and the production capacity of all parts according to the product granularity and choose the types of primary and secondary crushing equipment according to the hardness of the raw materials.impact crusher:
ball mills:

(2) Quality requirement of the products.

The product quality includes granularity, product grading and the shape of the particles. As for different projects, the quality requirements for the final products are also different and the processing quality of the products is related to the crushing machines and the production flow.

If the product granularity is small, the general crushing ratio of the crushing and screening equipment will be high, and the more the product fraction, the more complicated the equipment will be. Sometimes in order to obtain rocks with multiple grading, an independent screening machine can be equipped for grading. In many projects, the dust content of the stone materials should not be high since the dust will influence the quality of the concrete. If the dust content exceeds the required standard, a cleaning procedure should be added.

(3) Production capacity.

The production capacity is an important technological parameter for the crushing and screening machines. The production capacity requirement includes two aspects: the productivity of the granularity standard product and the productivity of all the products. As for the project practice, the productivity of every granularity standard product has more significance. For this reason, when determining the production capacity of the equipment, the customers should first consider the actual needs of the projects.