Choosing Women uniform tactical shirtsis always a hard task for any department as there are many things that need to be considered. 5.11 Inc has made this problem solvable for many of the individuals by giving their quality clothing and even supplying various types of women uniform shirts with improved quality, style, comfort and fabric. If you are searching for the women uniform shirts you can use the internet to find 5.11 tacticalshirt which can be considered and selected as one of the best women uniform shirts.


The 5.11 B-Class women uniform shirts can be called the replacement of traditional uniform shirts and provides a newer and higher standard. These tactical shirts include all features which any law enforcement personnel working at any department can wish for. These B-Class women uniform shirts have a lasting military type fold which can maintain a neat, classy and professional look and the bi-swing shoulder along with a protected collar makes the shirt really good to wear. The bi-swing provides a wider range of movement as compared to ordinary shirts. These tactical shirts are Teflon® treated shirts which are known to be stain and dirt resistance. This feature is considered as one of the main features and most remarkable advantages of wearing this shirt because they are good for any kind of professional duties, especially for rough and tough jobs. A secret pocket is also attached in these shirts to place any significant document, as an added feature, you may keep your paperwork, cell phone or any other gear in it.


Other main characteristics of 5.11 B-Class women tactical shirts is it they have triple needle tailored shirts and have very selected and tough melamine buttons which are not easily breakable. The shirts are also plainly weaved, they have spread collars and most of the fabric type being used are 34% rayon, 64% polyester and 2% Lycra® spandex, 5.9-oz.

Because 5.11 B-Class tactical shirts are made from poly-rayon they are very soft and comfortable and are wrinkle resistant as well. The usage of polyester fiber helps in maintaining the color of the fabric for a long period of time and unique melamine buttons are really long lasting so you can use these shirts for longer periods of time and there is no need to buy new ones within a short time frame. As these are popularly branded shirts you can continuously have these for people who are always on the go and who performs a lot of outdoor activities.


You will definitely love these types of shirts, so much that once you begin wearing these then you are never going back to your traditional shirts. You can have these shirts directly from 5.11 Inc or from any retail stores. You can also find it on the internet at Range Master Tactical Gear authentic dealers of 5.11 Tactical Gear. Once you decide which type of shirt you want to be your uniform shirt then first be sure to check them out for all your tactical shirts and other tactical clothingitems as well.