The Intermec CK31 is a stylized and ergonomically designed device and handheld computer built on the Windows® CE .NET operating system. Analysts claim it to be a lightweight, and extremely reliable computer which is easy to use and can run on both client/server apps along with browser-based applications.

Its mobile data collection terminal delivers immensely for warehouse workers since it is rugged, and promises reliable computing because of its thoughtful design and comparatively high throughput. It also offers the right features and the best performance on the platform and a very efficient Intel XScale processor. The screen is perfect for use in a variety of indoor conditions as well as rough outdoor conditions. It also boasts of VGA resolution and an incredibly interactive touch screen. The device also supports traditional, text-based applications which feature the recent GUI inputs. It also features the first Wi-Fi certified 802.11b/g radio which is rare in such applications. Intermec CK31 also includes Cisco compatibility and ensures good wireless network reliability.

The CK31 includes a lithium-ion battery in its interior and one does not need to change it for a complete shift. The data collection terminal also delivers as promised with its rugged exterior, reliable computing power, intelligent ergonomic design and performance.

The CK31 is known for the complete balance of features and performance and hence it can deliver optimum combination of efficient operation, support and impeccable connectivity. It also has added capabilities related to mobile data collection with its well organized menus and display icons which displays status information with utmost clarity and accuracy.

With the Intel® Xscale™ processor, warehouse professionals have got plenty of power and processing strength to deliver a good color display, innumerable peripherals, continuous scanning and huge network traffic. All real time, mission-critical applications can be handled effectively during store operations.

With many keyboard choices, the CK31 provides flexibility for different applications including the receiving as well as for the shipping of goods. You can also use the optional pistol grip handle for better scanning purposes.

The new device also includes a new area images which is perfect for 1D and 2D symbologies. For usage in demanding and hazardous locations, the device is available with non-incentive certification.

You can even send and receive data to printers via Bluetooth wirelessly along with short-range radio links which allows for you to communicate over a distance in the range of 10-meter (32.8-feet).

The Wireless Printing applet in the device makes use of the new concept of a current wireless printer thus including a COM port in its arsenal.

It has a serial port for transfer of data with the help of RS-232 communications. One can even use the communications dock for the transfer. All in all, CK31 and its rugged features are well suited in many environments including the retail floor, the store sections, the warehouse floor and the inventory departments. With its wide range and comfortable grip, it is widely a favourite in the league of barcode scanning equipment and according to analysts, one of the most preferred devices in the domain.

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