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Coat of beautiful eyes flicker, no published a see, just to see the subconscious albitite, waiting for the decision of the above.

“You want to begin, to your own can, on our side, not arranged to you to help us, we will deal with natural.”

Shizi frowned looked to Laurie, night changfeng line of people, hesitated, indifferent to glance at the day all four sides a practitioners.


The squat practitioners, snorted, some disdain of say: “you this kind of practice, for them, also not likely is a good choice. For a moment what would move hands, they may be more miserable death, perhaps even the whole corpse can preserve.”

“Our things, we own, has nothing to do with you!”

Stand in the ice rock albitite, on the left hand to lift, a wisp of blazing fire inflammation, from finger tip of sh & # 232; Come out, such as fire a sword in ice rock split above, will the ice rock a points two.

Half of them ice rock, Laurie, night stand strong and one line, the other general ice rock above, it is the other team’s nirvana its practitioners.

J ? ng yuan imperial move, that piece of ice has Laurie brother rock, slowly  move up, along with his mind changes, from another piece of ice rock more and more far away.

“Those people, you do it at, but I side, you are not allowed to ch ? hand!”

Cold looking around, he will be the ice on the rock to a corner of the swamp gradually move, oneself also follow ice rock activities together to spread.

“Xi ? o son only days a heavy day of the territory of a fix for the tone, but is madness.”

Squat practitioners, hey hey sneer at at the ZhaoFeng one eye, “you ShenJiao light, the swamps, should also enter and we want to get out, for this purpose, to sacrifice a few will die, should be taken for granted, you as a leader, seem to do not winner?”

“Little fucking useless talk, we want to do, you can’t round hand to refer to the row feet!”

ZhaoFeng impatient said.

Even though he does not agree with the decision of the above, but in really determined albitite, he has not objected, instead of standing in a line and shizi.

In ZhaoFeng perspective, the future will be bright ShenJiao albitite most dazzling star, with only three days of nirvana, shizi can cut kill a triple day through the days of the strong, so ZhaoFeng attach great importance to him, and he will not be as general xi ? o generation to look at.

“Literally you…….”

The squat practitioners, sneer at the hey hey 1, the body to another report a piece of ice on rock, look around, on the surrounding gathered to huge practitioners say: “you and my decision, should be consistent?”

Those days all around a kung fu practitioner, nod in succession.

This short and fat guy, and cold face to see ZhaoFeng, way: “since it is so,  I begin, and you should never mind?”

“You like.”

ZhaoFeng albitite looked, and, behold, he said no, this just doesn’t matter’s nod.

“Magnificent and boom!”

Bundles of dark and light, suddenly from the squat practitioners in cuffs and fly, those evil in midway into light only monster beast soul ferocious form, are on the rock into the ice nirvana in its practitioners.

Eyes m & # 237; The glistening dull nirvana practitioners territory, in the light of IP and bundles sh & # 232; Under, body torn apart, r & # 242; U and his body was the evil of light from the internal ruin, even the souls, also be tak-en away together.

For an instant, another piece of ice at the top of the rock six nirvana its practitioners, r & # 242; U body division, the life breath nothing all day.

Curling j ? ng gas, from the six with a body flush out, rotating flocked to the above.

20 meters apart, the body of the x albitite & # 249; E way, has been in a rapidly turn up, produced strong suction pull force, those j ? ng gas body absorbs one…….

A little while, those nirvana of its practitioners, a j ? ng gas, were his x & # 249; E way to absorb.

The whole body seven hundred and twenty x & # 249; E word, and no bilge painful feeling, that a x & # 249; E of opening, j ? ng gas was fast concentration conversion, faint reveals the filar silk can affect the mood negative fluctuations.

Entering a day after a state, the mysterious WuHun can accommodate the j ? ng gas, seems to develop a new step.

Six nirvana of its practitioners a j ? ng gas, in his x & # 249; E of opening, no too many, in mbt outlet body, x & # 249; E opening into those in Mr J ? ng gas, he is also to sanity, no will Wen lu & # 224; N sane feeling.

State the ascension, the mysterious WuHun absorption j ? ng the capacity of the gas, such as increased with, even concentration purification speed, as if also added fast many.

From a distance, but can clear perceive j ? ng surge of gas, at the lookout gradually crazy eyes Laurie, shizi hesitated, suddenly once again XuanBing cold the energy of the flame burstling.

Curling ice cold air conditioning, from his palm at ease in come out, like a ice jade-like stone of the way into the Laurie brothers and the Lin zhi, LuoXiao, receive them.

In the penetration of air conditioning, the few people, the body gradually freezing up, a little while, become the ice sculptures shape.

Only the night changfeng, in XuanBing cold flame energy penetration, safe, his body the purgatory of true fire, the heat of the fire initiative produce inflammation, will he penetrates the cold in XuanBing flame, to offset all off.

In XuanBing cold flame penetration, the night of the strong wind from afar eyes, gradually become evil y ? n poison up, in the whole gives off a very fierce breath out of.

Come near curl up hemoglobin s & # 232; Smoke, don’t know to isn’t realize what, assembled together to come over, when he lived to package.

“Boom! Boom!”