Are you looking for reliable content marketing tricks to take your business to new heights?

Search no more, here are my best kept content marketing tricks acquired from my experience of drafting over 200 articles!

However, before I tell them to you, you must be aware that the goal of writing value based articles. In easy language, it generates wealth!, Don’t be astonished, yes, it does. It creates traffic by bringing readers to your article and turns a good chunk into clicks to your website. The turning around of buzz is honestly subject to the following factors,

1. The quality of your article
2. The Merit offered in your piece
3. The curiosity value your content invokes in a reader, “to know more factor”

It is these hits that convert into your future customers or cash. Keep in mind that,

Content Marketing = Traffic + Hits = Financial Gains

This is the core element of Article writing. If you could master these, you will get a never ending flow of customers. Here, I must also clarify the attribute of customers that you make with you content. This traffic is not ordinary traffic. No one reads a piece on “how to get slim” unless they are looking to get slim or is required to lose weight. meaning that this is the best, highly targeted, totally filtered, free natural traffic.

another quality of traffic earned with articles or content is that the flow of traffic is continuous. It is a stream which never ceases as internet adds new users every day, hence your flow is assured forever, day after day.

It All Sounds Good, But How to do this?

I am sure, that is the question that must be troubling you. not to worry we will hold hands and work together to discover the article marketing tricks.

Content substance Is The Winner!

This is the ultimate article marketing secret. Accept that to generate good articles you must be very well educated in the subject that you select or with the topic of your segment. No use trying to write something like “Art of Performing heart surgery” until you are an expert in that subject. So you must earn knowledge by researching your topic or get the assistance of an external article writer with expertise to do so.

Solid Key-phrases Are Like Solitaires!

Next, your article must be key-phrases rich. What I mean is that to generate buzz, it must be seen on the top of search page, it must be number one on Google, Bing or Yahoo sites. That generally happens if your article contains high value keywords in the heading, in the body text and in the final part- just don’t overstuff your article with key-phrases, the article directories don’t appreciate it. You could complete your keyword research either on Google AdWords Tool, which is a free Google Tool, or purchase a key-phrases tool like the Market Samurai. generally I use a combination of both tools. Use and results will tell you when to use which.

Get Exposure – Print!

Now you have a content that has good content with good keywords what next? So lets’ start article submission to article directories so that they get released on the net. There are a huge number of directories on the net that you may use. The influential authority sites which I use are:

Ezine Articles
Article Base
Go Article
Hub Pages
Article City

All these sites are free directories and you are asked to to carry out a simple registration to start publishing your articles. As you progress, you could include other directories to your publishing list. The submission could be done manually which is actually time consuming or through a tool which is not onlymore quicker but it also submits to many, if not thousands of directories. personally I use Article Marketing Robot and Magic Article Submitter.

More Back Links – Higher Rankings!

Now that your piece is now on the web, you should do little more. Publish the piece to Social web 2.0 sites to get good back links to your website. Back linking is the main method to improve your search engine standing. that is how you come to the top of the Google, Bing or Yahoo sites. Even though there are hundreds of Social web 2.0 sites, I usually use:

Stumble Upon

Here a word of advise. Do not expect the results immediately, it takes time for the search engines to bookmark your site as it starts receiving more plus more back links from different places which have your content.

You can also publish your piece to Blogs, Pings, and Social News Sites and by snippet posts. My feature marketing tip to you will be to just make a beginning. You can at any time scale it up. For obtaining a degree you have to complete your schooling! Isn’t it?

Finally let me advise you that contents or article marketing is much broder than solely posting your piece to article directories. This is a total process and asks careful planning. Further, Content Marketing helps you not only develop highly pointed natural flow, visits and prospects, it also,-

– Builds your list
– Gives you visibility and recognition as an authority
– Establishes “YOU” as a trademark

Content Marketing is an economical traffic generating blueprint; it needs capital in way of your time and effort. Remember earning wealth in any business needs some inputs at least.

Looking ahead to reading your web content very soon!

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