Moving on lower carbon from all equipment fields

e-Tracker systems are becoming increasingly popular as they determine where your energy is wasted by creating a pattern of your usage. This can help businesses determine potential unauthorised consumption. It will also let you know if you have a poor power factor, which can cause higher currents to flow and help determine whether distribution wiring needs to be re-routed for a cost effective solution.

Escot Sinergy Sub-Metering

The Escot system is a clip on sub-metering solution providing a new approach to energy data capture. Unlike other systems, no fused 240 or 250 volt connections have to be made at each remote meter point. This offers an effective cost saving solution for monitoring energy consumption in certain applications.

Escot systems can collate large amounts of data, pinpointing the key areas where energy is being wasted. This can help you determine how to make relevant cuts to save costs and improve your ROI (return on investment).

KLIK Singery Sub-Metering

The KLIK system is also a clip-on design and is a multi-functional solution offering organisations a means to identify potential cost reductions by showing exactly where and how their energy is being used. KLIK systems are incredibly fast, easy and cost effective to install and have a meter pulse design, allowing it to be wired through buildings or transmitted across site.
In order to separate the useful minerals and gangue minerals, we should first crush phosphate rock, so that the phosphate material is in monomer separation state, which is called “single separation degree”. Only in the dissociation case can we select phosphate material. Therefore, usually the ore should first experience crushing and grinding operation before concentration operation. Finally, the finished product is higher phosphorus which is called the phosphate concentrate.
Now that the concentrate is elected, the remaining products, including the low content of phosphate compounds, is usually called tailings. In this process, we sometimes separate a part of semi-finished products, which needs further processing is called middling mine. The phosphate concentrate produced by cone crusher contains large amounts of water, so it needs dehydration and drying for use and transportation.
Generally, the entire dressing process usually includes crushing, grinding, ore concentration and product dehydration.
The Pulse Plus logger is a multi channel GSM data recorder enabling data to be received onto a PC. This solution has a plug in design for easy and cost effective fitting. It also has modular construction and remote configuration, allowing parameters to be controlled and changed easily.

Pulse Plus logger systems are ideal for monitoring in remote locations and can measure any parameter producing a pulse output.