Jewelry, which is always accompanied with beauty, has been enjoying popularity since ancient times. Nowadays, jewelry even plays a even more important role in our daily life.


According to the different materials used to make jewelry, jewelry can be classified into different types. However, turquoise jewelry seems to be the star in jewelry field owing to its special color and function.



As we all know that since ancient times, people have collected things of beauty and value, and have used gemstones as an adornment. Gemstone is always regarded as precious objects because of its beautiful color, its rarity and durability. More important aspect is that throughout history, gemstone has been seen as symbol of wealth and power. People believe that seeing turquoise at first sight in the morning can bring lucky to you for the whole day. And its bright color may make you think of the blue sky. Apart from this, gemstone has also been offered as prestigious gifts.


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